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Doing our makeup and skincare on an everyday basis is a time-consuming process, but it is a fun activity and a must for almost every woman. We usually get into our makeup routine pretty easily and quickly, and we memorize our hand movements in a heartbeat.

However, soon we find ourselves stuck in the same shadow, lip color, and foundation shade, without the urge to learn some new tips & tricks. But, what happens when you start to obey some of the most basic rules? According to a lot of makeup artists, beauty bloggers, and magazine editors, there are actually some makeup rules that we’ve been sleeping on. If you want to know how to improve your technique and how to get out of your everyday habit, then keep on reading!

1.Face Makeup Comes First

One of the most basic rules when doing your makeup knows your steps. Your face makeup routine should come first, and it should be consistent out of:

– Makeup primer (can be radiant or matte based on your skin type. Women who have dry skin tend to use glow and hydrating primers, while those with oily skin use mattifying primers since these can hold the oils the best).

– Foundation + concealer (can be any coverage from sheer-full, based on your preference. Just make sure you do your foundation first, then concealer next).

– Setting powder (you can use lightweight or heavier kinds, based on your skin type. You can also use translucent powders).

– Bronzer/Blush/Highlighter (women love these three colorful skin additions. However, make sure you never use all 3 of these since the outcome can be overwhelming).

– Setting Spray (setting sprays can be very hydrating and in the form of a fine mist, or mattifying with heavy setting properties).


After doing all of these steps you should do your eyes next. You will have a flawless, set, and even base, and you will find the whole process a lot more simple than you would if you were to do your eyes first.

2.Contour & Powder

After you are done with your foundation, you should do your cream contours and powders. Just make sure you know the difference between:

Cream Contour

If you are someone who prefers a defined and sculpted cheek look, make sure you contour your face. However, women who have severely dry skin usually like to stick to cream contouring. You can purchase a contour stick pen, or a creamy contour set and do your entire face in the morning, with a help of a flat synthetic brush. Make sure you apply the color evenly over your face and then blend it all out with the help of a sponge, round brush, or a beauty blender.

Powder Contour

Women who have oily skin can go in with powders immediately. If you are someone who prefers a heavy contour, you can purchase powdered sets in drugstores or go for some high-end brands. One of the most popular contouring sets is the NYX set, as well as the ABH powder contour.

Powder Time

Lastly, when it comes to the powdering, make sure you use the powder that suits your skin type. Some women have oily T-zone, and they have to apply a hefty amount of powder throughout this part of their face. Make sure you figure out your oils, and only set them if your skin doesn’t mind it. This also goes the same way for baking, since not every skin type can handle a ”baked” face just as well.

3.Bronzer Or Blush

As previously mentioned it would be the best if you only went with one of these two options. Applying both, bronzer and blush, can look overwhelming, a lot, and definitely uneven. Some women can pull off this look if they are really precise and handy with makeup, while others can only rock a specific blush topper. When doing your makeup on a daily basis make sure you:

– Apply Bronzer

If you want to enhance the warm tone of your skin and if you are someone who likes looking sun-kissed. Women who have darker and deeper complexions often look a lot better with bronzer than they do with a blush.


– Apply Blush

If you are someone who loves having peachy or pinky blushing cheeks. Blush usually tends to look a lot better on women who have pale skin since it gives them the Snowwhite type of a cheek. There are also some illuminating options out on the market that women of all ages are falling for, you can purchase any kind you prefer.


In the end, no matter what option you choose to go for, know that you can always top it off with some highlighter on top if you are a highlighting lover.

4. Don’t Go In With A Liquid

After all of your face makeup has been set in place with your different powders, blushes, bronzers, and highlighters, make sure you are 100% in love with your outcome. After you are done with the powders, know that you won’t be able to layer on some additional liquids on top. This means that your liquid foundation needs to look perfect, as well as your cream contour, cream blush, or a creamy highlighter. The only way that you will be able to touch up the face and fix the outcome is with your powders, so make sure you are in love with your face makeup before you set it, and never go in with a liquid on top. If you misbehave, you will probably end up with a streaky looking cast on your face.

5. Match The Lip Liner To Your Lipstick

This rule can seem outdated to some, especially if they are innovative or talented when it comes to doing makeup. When rounding your lips with a lip liner, make sure you really love your chosen options and make sure you are working with a sharp lip liner. Unsharpened pencils will leave your lips looking chapped and uneven. Once you’ve successfully rounded the corners of the lips, go in with lipstick. Make sure that your lipstick matches the color of the lip liner, or let it be 1-2 shades lighter than the pencil. When shopping for your perfect lippie, you can always shop at the same store and from the same brand just so you are certain that everything matches perfectly. However, you can also do an ombre lip that is naturally and slowly fading into lighter shades. Do this if you are really precise and confident in your skills. Either way, make sure your moves are slow and steady and you will get your wanted outcome. Once you get your desired color and you end up being satisfied with the pigment, precise application, and the lip corners, you can definitely add some gloss on top to enhance a juicy lip.

6. Do Your Eyeshadow Gradually

Women’s worst fear and enemy when doing eyeshadows is fallout for sure. That is why you need to do your makeup slowly and gradually, and you need to make it cohesive and even. No matter the look that you are going for, make sure you have your eyeshadow base applied before going in with the color. Also, you can set this base with some translucent powder on top if you have oily lids. Continue with the application of your lighter shadows in the inner corner, and add some darkness to the outer part. While gradually building up the shadow, make sure you don’t use a lot of glitter shades since these can cause some excessive fallout. Also, use a different brush for every other shadow color that you will be applying onto the crease. This step will guarantee you a mess-free process.

7. Make Lash Extensions Your Friend

One of the most crucial steps of makeup and the one that is the most time-consuming is doing eyelashes. This is mainly a problem if you are someone who tends to wear fake lashes. What you can do to save some time, your patience, and look fearless 24/7 is get a set of mink eyelash extensions or silk ones. Although this trend might seem too distant and new to you, you should embrace it due to several reasons:

– Easy To Achieve

Imagine waking up every morning and looking like you are ready for your daily activities. With lash extensions, you can look flawless at any given point. The best part is that they are easy to achieve and to maintain, all you have to do is visit the right esthetician. Once you find your trusted salon you will love the outcome and the fact that they can be customized per your wish.

– Long Lasting

Lash extensions can last you for 3-4 weeks to come. If you are someone who is not afraid of commitment you are going to love them. Just make sure you get them refilled every here and there and you will get your money’s worth.

– Go With Every Look

Lastly, permanent lash extensions can go with every makeup look that you are doing. They can look very subtle and natural, or they can look voluminous and dramatic if you ask for some additional volume. Either way, they will cut down your makeup routine while looking a lot better than any strip lashes you own.

8. Focus The Attention

Learn to focus the attention on only one specific feature. This means that you can do an intense eye makeup, but not an intense lip at the same time. Some women who love a bold and dark smokey eye shouldn’t wear a bright red lipstick and vice versa. Make sure you focus your favorite and breathtaking feature with your brushes/tools, while also making them look tasteful. No one is too crazy for tacky, bright, and editorial colors, moments, and vibes, so make sure you focus on making everything even, and approachable. If you are not too sure what feature you should point out and make the most breathtaking, then switch it up every day. One day focus the attention on your lids, the next day on your lips, and the day after that on your contour! Makeup is all about exploring till you don’t find what suits you the best.

9. Don’t Overpluck Your Brows

Nowadays this rule is very important especially once you notice how many women are into the big, bold and bushy brows. The actress Cara Delevingne brought back the Instagram brow one year ago, and the internet went wild for it. If you are someone who is naturally blessed with strong brow hair make sure you embrace it! Due to overplucking and because of our visitations to poor salons, some women have lost a good amount of their brow hair. Some have even bleached their brows and caused severe damage. If you are trying to save yourself from this disaster, you can purchase some brow boosting and growing serums online, at a pharmacy or at a drugstore, and only enhance and stimulate your brow growth. Once you get to where you want to be, you can start drawing in or filling your eyebrows, or simply setting them with some tinted brow gel. Either one of these three options is practical and easy to achieve, as long as you have some hair to work in the first place.

10. Set It & Forget It

Lastly, you can’t forget about your favorite part – the setting of your makeup. Women love all sorts of different setting sprays – hydrating, mattifying, lightweight etc, but the most important part is knowing which type suits your skin the best. As it is with primer, foundations, and powders, always use a hydrating and luminous setting spray if you have dry skin. This will enhance and cause your skin to look radiant, while not feeling drying. The same goes for the mattifying sprays and women who have oily skin. Set your makeup 3-4 times with your favorite spray, and you will be good to go for the entire day!


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