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Women With Big Breasts: 10 Things You Would Never Guess About Them

Women With Big Boobs

Being a women with big boobs has it’s pros and cons. Many skinny women dream of the day that they will be able to gain enough weight to have big boobs and have even gone as far as getting implants in order to fulfill that dream. While big boobs are viewed as an essential to sex appeal, many women with big boobs feel like it is a gift and a curse.

In a recent survey of women who were considered to be bustier than others, many women with big boobs discussed experiencing self esteem issues and also a desire to receive a breast reduction.  Below are 10 things you would never guess about women with big boobs:

  • Having Big Boobs Makes Working Out a Challenge

Having Big Boobs Makes Working Out a Challenge

Believe it or not if you are an active fitness junkie, having big boobs can be a huge obstacle for you to overcome. If you take a quick look around your local gym you will begin to notice that many women with big boobs tend to stay away from cardio machines such as the treadmill and the elliptical. This is primarily because women with bigger boobs have a harder time keeping their boobs in place while doing such rigorous activity.

  • Finding a Bra That Fits Can Be Difficult

Finding a Bra That Fits Can Be Difficult

While the entertainment industry continues to glorify women who have big boobs, it’s not as luxurious as many may think it is. In fact, shopping as a woman with big boobs can be down right impossible especially at popular retail stores. This can partially be attributed to the fact that the average woman doesn’t have big boobs so many stores don’t come stocked with bra sizes such as double or triple d.

  • Big Boobs Make Women Feel Insecure

Yes, those big boobs that many women often dream of having. Those big boobs that women go to plastic surgeons for actually make women who are born with big boobs feel insecure. Imagine walking into a room and the first thing people notice about you is not your face, not your hair, not your shoes but your boobs.  This makes many women feel as if they can’t be seen for anything other than their big boobs.

  • Women Hate When You Point Out How Big Their Boobs Are

Women Hate When You Point Out How Big Their Boobs Are

Some men and women are super obsessed with big boobs. So obsessed that they will be quick to point out just how big a woman’s boobs are. Most women actually hate this. Imagine being in a conversation with a man(or a woman) and being complimented on how big your boobs are. While it may be sexually appealing to some men or women, it’s not necessarily sexually appealing to the person who has to haul around these big boobs each and every day on top of the extra weight they  may already carry with them.

  • Breast Size Changes All The Time

Breast Size Changes All The Time

Yes, even the bustiest women you know experiences breast changes all the time. In fact according to a recent study conducted by a group of OBGYNs it was found that your breast can actually increase up to a cup size during certain points of your cycle. This can be a nightmare, especially if you are in public wearing a button down shirt and suddenly you become super bloated and you end up with a nip slip.

  • The Bigger The Boobs, The Better  The Orgasm

Bigger The Boobs, The Better The Orgasm

In 2009 a study was conducted of approximately 213 women and the study was shocking. It showed that 29% of the women noted that they had achieved an orgasm from nipple stimulation alone. That can be primarily attributed to the brain have the ability to process genital and nipple stimulation.

  • You Don’t Have To Be Breastfeeding For Your Nipples To LeakDon’t Have To Be Breastfeeding For Your Nipples To Leak

There are several medications such as metoclopramide or thioridaziner can cause you produce prolactin which is the hormone that is responsible for giving women milk production.  While breast leakage outside of pregnancy is rare, it is something that can happen to women specifically women with big boobs.

  • Big Boobs Are Associated With Genetics

bib boobs are due to genetics

The average woman who is born with boobs (not the woman who paid for them) probably has big boobs because it runs in their families.  Yes, big boobs actually run in families. Their are some women who have big boobs not because they are heavier but simply because somewhere in their genetic make up the gene for big boobs exists.

  • Not Every Woman Loves Her Big Boobs

A common misconception of women who have big boobs is that these women absolutely love being busty when in fact, many women actually hate this about themselves. Over the last several years their has been an uptick in women interested in getting breast reductions despite the increase in women who have also gotten plastic surgery in order to increase their breasts.

  • Shopping Can Be A Nightmare

Over the last several decades many women’s rights activists have complained that the fashion industry does very little to create clothes that fit women of all sizes. This is particularly true for women who have bigger boobs. Often times the only clothes women with bigger boobs can fit into are clothes that are designed for plus size women; however, just because a woman has big boobs doesn’t always mean that she’s plus size. In fact, women who are petite are also subjected to big boob issues depending on several genetic factors.

When it’s all said and done having big boobs can be a gift and a curse. Some women happily embrace their big boobs while others would be happy to do whatever is necessary to decrease that size.Whatever the case may be don’t ever assume you know how a woman with big boobs feels until you walk a mile in their shoes.

Are you a woman with big boobs? Have you found being big boobs to be more of a gift than a curse. Leave your comments below.

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