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Why Women With Bigger Breasts Are Preferred by More than 90% of Men’s?

Men love big boobs

Do Men Become Obsessed with Women’s Breasts at  Young Age?

For many years men have become seemingly obsessed with women who have big boobs. Within the last two to three years it seems that men have become even more obsessed thanks to social media sites such as Instagram, Twitter and Youtube who allow men to view countless amounts of topless women at any given time. While no one has truly been able to determine exactly why men are so fascinated with breasts, it has been cited that the fascination does begin relatively early in life.

When a man (or even woman) is first born, in many countries the very first body part a baby is introduced to is the mother’s breast. It is a part of a baby’s genetic make up to come into the world craving breastmilk. According to many newborn experts it’s even believed that a baby can smell his mom’s breastmilk almost immediately.  While this does not mean that your newborn child comes into the world having sexual fantasies about you, it does mean that your child recognizes that the woman’s breast is a great source of satisfaction.

This realization even at an early age is what many believe ultimately leads to a man’s fascination as an adult even if he’s not breastfed. In fact, if you’ve ever closely watched even a baby who is bottle fed you will realize that all baby’s male and female, bottle or breastfed all seem to be born with a fascination of their mother’s breast. On many occasions you may witness a baby drinking from a bottle while also still attempting to snuggle in close to the mother’s breast and that’s simply because the bigger the mother’s breast is, the more comforting it is for your new born baby. While there is no complete research to show that men become obsessed with breasts at a younger age, there are many correlations that are associated with early life and latter life breast obsession.

Why Are Big Breasts Such a Big Deal?

why men like big breasts

Years ago, a survey was conducted on why men like big breasts so much and it was determined that it’s mainly because men are such visible beings. Many men reported that they find themselves instantly turned off if they notice that a woman isn’t wearing a bra. Simply being able to see the outlining of your breasts is enough to send a man into head over heals infatuation. Just being able to look at big breasts are enough to turn men on whether your breast are big or small; however, men have also been reported to like big breasts simply because they like what they can do with them.

Many men love that women who have bigger breasts add a little bit of more excitement during sex. For example the bigger your breast are, the more a man can suck or lick on. While this may seem to be more of a sexual fixation, it is more than sex for most men as some men reported that they view breasts to be just as physically appearing as long hair.

What Does it Say About a Man Who Likes Big Breasts?

For quite some time researchers have been trying to determine the difference between men who like big breasts and men who like smaller breasts. After years of researchers many have began to realize that men who like smaller breasts are more like to settle down than men who like big breasts. This according to researchers is because if a man is only fixated on your breast size he will never have time to focus on some of your other important characteristics such as your personality, compassion, love, eye and hair color or other non sexual related traits. Researchers also found out  if a man wants a woman with larger breast it shows that he has no intention of pursuing any sort of long-term commitment with a woman.

On the flip side of the researcher’s report it was determined that men who like smaller breasts could show that they are more interested in other traits about your body or perhaps men who like smaller breasts could just have a fetish for smaller breasts.

While breast size doesn’t really mean much in the grand scheme of things, larger breasts have been proven to be less sensitive than smaller breasts so men must be a lot gentler with smaller breasts than they are with larger breasts.

Is It True That Poor Men Like Big Breasts?

A psychological test was given to a group of men of both the poor and rich classes in America and while the findings were shocking they can yet be proven. This research study stated that men who were poor tend to like big breasts and men who are rich tend to like much smaller ones. While there is still much research left to be conducted on this study, it is still safe to say that it doesn’t matter if a man is rich or poor if he likes big breast he likes big breasts and if he likes smaller breasts, he likes smaller breasts.

How Can Women Make Their Breast Bigger Quickly?

There are numerous ways in which a woman can make her breast look bigger naturally. Many women fail to realize this and often feel as if the only option they have when it comes to obtaining bigger breast is to have breast enhancement surgery. While breast enhancement may be one of the most permanent solutions it doesn’t have to be the only one. In all actuality it doesn’t have to be an option at all. There are several ways one can naturally improve their breast size not only permanently but without causing latter harm to your body by attempting to do so. A few of these things include but are not limited to the following:

  • Improve your diet

Your diet is a key aspect of everything as it relates to your body but it is definitely imperative when trying to achieve a bigger breast size. In some cases the more you weigh, the bigger your breast will appear to be.

  • Chest Exercises

Many women seem to think that if they lift weights, it will make them look muscular like a man; however, the opposite is true. Surprisingly women can easily lose weight more quickly if they decide to light weights and ditch their cardio regimen. A few of these chest exercises includes but is not limited to: chest press, push ups, pull ups and a host of other exercises.

  • Push Up Bras

While men may be able to see once you take your bra off just how big your breasts really are, push up bras are a great way to create the illusion of bigger breasts. These bras are perfect for women who think they want bigger breasts but are unsure how big breasts will appear when they put on clothes. Push up bras are also great if you have smaller breasts and need better padding in your shirts.

  • Wear Tighter Shirts

When most women hear a man say they want bigger breasts, the first thing they feel obligated to do is see how much it will cost to have breast enhancement surgery. While this may be the easier alternative it is not the only alternative. One of the easiest and quickest things you can do to make yourself appear to have bigger breasts is to simply wear a tighter shirt. A tighter shirt much like tighter pants will make a woman breasts look a lot bigger and more defined especially if the tight shirt is worn without a bra.

Breast Size and Sexism

There is currently a lot of research out there that reports that men who like women with bigger breasts also have oppressive attitudes towards women. There have been several research studies that have sought to find a correlation between breast size and sexism and over the years the findings have been startling. Many men who like bigger breasts often seem to review women as less than dominant and more of sexual beings. When compared to smaller breasts it was determined that men who liked smaller breasts tend to have more of a positive view of women.

Despite some of the interest information that resulted from this research study it was determined that men’s obsession with breasts are far greater than just a stereotype and would take years before a true correlation could ever be established in a man’s preference.

Does Breast Size Impact Sexual Activity?


Why Breast Size Affect Your Sex Life?

Trying to determine if breast size impacts sexual activity is just like trying to determine if penis size impacts sexual activity. It all really boils down to preference. If you are a man who enjoys to play with big breasts  during sex then having sex with a woman who has small breasts will to be applying to you.  In general breast size does not impact sexual activity unless you are a man who’s only turned on by breast size.

So does breast size impact sexual activity? It really depends on what sort of things you are into.

Should a Woman Get Breast Implants?

As more and more men become obsessed with the size of women’s breasts it has become a popular question amongst women if they should or should not get breast implants. While many doctors suggest that you simply do what makes you happy, the opposite should actually be suggested. You shouldn’t get breast implants if you’re only attempting to fulfill a man’s fantasy.

Because of the popularity of breast enhancement surgery many have stepped into the business illegally promising women big breasts but later causing them issues within their body because they have no true concept of what they are doing when they conduct the surgery.

Any breast enhancement surgery should be conducted by a professional and if you’ve received a breast enhancement at a cheap price you can almost guarantee that you will receive a cheap job. One of the most important things you can ever do for yourself is invest in your overall well being. That doesn’t mean you have to go run and get breast implants, instead it does mean you should pursue all natural procedures first and then if you’re still not impressed by your breast size then you can explore breast enhancement surgery.

Often women get so caught up in receiving a rushed breast enhancement job that they find themselves with breasts that are either too small, too big or disportioncate. These are problems that you would never have to deal with if you were to ever decide to get bigger breasts the natural way.

Talk To Your Doctor About Your Big Breasts

Consult Doctor for Implants

One of the best places to seek advice about your breast size is to go your local doctor’s office and find out what your options are as it relates to enlarging your breast size. Your doctor will be able to tell you if your breasts are small due to genetics or if your body is too small for bigger breasts. Many women who are naturally bigger in the chest area have often reported that they have back issues and ultimately end up going for a breast reduction.

At the end of the day it’s important for women to love themselves and their body’s whether big or small because big boobs will only be attractive for a period of time before those same big boobs become really big and begin to sag.

Again, your doctor can walk you through this entire process and should you decide to pursue breast enhancement you can ensure that your doctor’s professional advice will stretch much further than that of an Instagram model who was probably paid 1,000s just to recommend her doctor’s plastic surgeon to you and all her 1 million followers.

Big breasts may be more attractive to many men but if a man doesn’t love a woman for who she is because her breasts are too small then perhaps his problems are much bigger than her chest.

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