Breast lifts are an excellent choice for women who seek to remove the sagging of the breasts and increase firmness. As usual, before any surgery, many wonder what exactly will happen during the procedure, what the results will be and whether there be any side effects. But you should remember that you have little to worry about as the surgeons have been doing this for years and they will do their job with great care, excellent skill and will make sure that the patient’s breasts look better than ever.

How breast lifts work:

The principal goal of a breast lift is to remove the extra tissue and re-position the breasts to be higher on the chest, as well as returning the nipples to an outward facing position. Your surgeon will take you through the procedure before it actually happens. They will inform you what kind of incision they will make and exactly what they will do during the procedure. This is carried out so that you are well informed and more comfortable with the surgeon. Surgeons have a number of options when it comes to incisions. To name just a few: Crescent Lift, Anchor Lift, Benelli Lift, Lollipop Lift and more. Of course, in order to undergo a breast lift, a woman must be healthy enough to have a surgery performed under general anaesthesia.

What happens after the surgery?

Many people are afraid of what happens after the procedure; Are there any side effects? What will the recovery be like? As with any surgery, for the first week, it is recommended that you refrain from performing too many strenuous activities. You should also refrain from exercise for around two to three weeks. However, after a breast lift, you will likely be able to return to lower body activities after about a week. You should be able to return to all of your days to day activities after three weeks. Of course, you should listen to your doctor and follow any specific instructions they may have for your particular case.

You will also be provided with surgical dressing and a special compression bra to help you recover faster and prevent any swelling after the surgery. It is recommended to take your first week after the surgery away from work, even though many patients feel good after just a few days.

Will a breast lift decrease my cup size?

Patients do not lose any volume to their breasts, however, because of the lift, your breasts will sit higher up on your chest which may cause them to look like they have less volume than they previously did. Because of this, your cup size may change after a breast lift due to the different shape and the position of the breasts. Understand that this is normal and breasts that sit lower on the chest usually require a larger cup size than the same volume breasts sitting higher up on the chest. It should also be taken into account that many women who are considering a breast lift are generally wearing a bra that is actually one cup size larger than her actual bra size. Therefore, after surgery, she will require a smaller (correctly fitted) cup size bra.

What if I want my cup size to remain the same?

There is a solution out there for women who wish to retain their bra size whilst performing a breast lift or perhaps even increase their cup size. That solution is a procedure called breast augmentation, the result of which is an increase in the volume of the breasts. The exact size increase is chosen by the patient in conjunction with their doctor. Many women choose to have both a breast lift and breast augmentation together – as they can be completed at the same time. This eliminates the need for two surgeries and two recovery periods. These procedures yield extremely positive results with rather short recovery periods, allowing you to achieve what you seek and be ready to return to your everyday life in no time!

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