How Can I Get Bigger Breasts

Help! I Have Small Breasts

Why My Breast is small“The more, the better,” seems to be the mantra that everyone in the world lives by today. This includes cars, money, food, clothes and yes even breasts. The desire for wanting bigger breast is primarily the reason why plastic surgeons from across the world remain so active in their practices. Women are always trying to identify ways to increase their breast sizes both naturally and not so naturally.

If you’re one of those women who has constantly tried to figure out the best breast growth tips, find comfort first in knowing that you’re beautiful just the way you are. Often times, women are forced to believe that society will find them less attractive with small breasts or small butts when in all reality that’s not always true. Having small breasts is not a big problem; however, if you find yourself constantly obsessing with the size of your breath we’re here to provide you with tips that put your breast worries to rest, forever.

Why Are Your Breasts Small?

There are a variety of factors that contribute to the size of a woman’s breast.  A few of these potential factors include but are not limited to genetics, hormones, and even your medical history.

If you are one of those people who struggle with your breast size because of your genetics you may be saddened to know that there is very little you can do to enhance your breast size.  For most women, genetics is one of the primary reasons why someone has small breasts.

Another reason why women have small breasts is due to a  hormonal imbalance. Two of the most common hormones that contribute to breast growth are estrogen and progesterone. When your body fails to produce estrogen and progesterone the outcome will be smaller breasts. The same can be true if you have a medical history of hypermetabolism which is when your body is constantly burning fat. While this can be great for individuals looking to easily lose weight, it’s not necessarily favorable for women who have a desire to have larger breasts.

How Can I Get Bigger Breasts?

According to statistics last year in the United States alone, approximately 296,203 breast augmentation procedures were performed. When asked why they preferred to have bigger breasts over small breast women listed several reasons including but not limited to the following:

  • Increase attractiveness
  • To appear more feminine
  • To fill out clothes
  • To appear more like a celebrity

Whatever the case may be, getting bigger breast is becoming increasingly popular and no matter how wealthy (or unwealthy you are) larger breasts can be obtainable in a plethora of ways.

1. Diet

Your diet plays a critical role in increasing your breast size naturally. This does not necessarily mean that eating these foods will guarantee your breast will automatically grow bigger; however what it does mean is that adding or taking away certain foods will give you healthier and perkier breasts. Additionally adding foods such as soy, sesame seeds, flaxseeds and soybeans that have high phytoestrogens have been proven to stimulate your levels of estrogen which are known to increase your natural breast development.

The following foods specifically should be added to your diet in order to increase your estrogen levels:

Fruits: Apple, Cherries, and Plums

Dry-Fruits: Almond and Cashew-Nuts

Vegetables: Beets, Carrots, and Cucumber

Grains: Barley, Rice, and Wheat

Seeds: Flax Seed, Sunflower Seeds, and Fennel Seeds

Herbs: Garlic, Parsley

Spices: Clover, Cumin

To increase your phytoestrogen you should surround your diet with these foods.

2. Supplements and Herbs

Natural breast augmentation is possible thanks to a variety of supplements and natural breast enlargement pills that have been known to increase your breast size tremendously. While there are not yet any supplements or vitamins that have been scientifically proven to enhance breast size many women have claimed to have gotten larger breasts thanks in part to vitamin supplementation. Prior to beginning any new supplement, nutritionist suggests that you consult a doctor.

So which supplements specifically should you be taking in order to increase your breast size? There are actually a few options.

Saw Palmetto: This herb has been proven to help increase the size of your mammary glands.

Dong Quai: One of the most popular supplements for improving your breast size is Dong Quai. Dong Quai has been proven to assist you in improving circulation in your body specifically t your breast. It also helps support breast enlargement and balancing hormones.

Wild Yam: Ever wondered how to stimulate your hormonal production that will help you increase your breast size? Wild yam can actually do just that.

Damiana: Improving mammary gland is pivotal when you’re attempting to increase your gland development. While there is no clinical research that supports 100% if these herbs will increase your breast, many women have spoken openly about how well they work.

3. Exercise

Exercise to Increase Breast SizeBelieve it or not, working out can help your breasts develop in ways you probably had never imagined. Various exercises not only help you keep your body toned but it also helps you build your pectoral muscles, glandular and fatty breast tissues. A few of these exercises include but are not limited to:

Push Ups: One of the greatest ways to improve your chest area is by doing push-ups. Doing push-ups not only helps you build up muscle in your chest but also increases your strength and also builds up your tricep muscles.

Dumbbell Flys: If you are looking to increase your chest growth you’ll want to stretch your pecs on the way down. Use light weights with multiple reps in order to ensure you achieve optimal results.

Palm Press: Before beginning, this exercise be sure you sit in a relaxed position. Position your elbows at 90 degrees and make sure your arms are horizontal. Once you are ready, push your palms up and down 15 times. This strengthens not only your chest muscles but also your pectorals. These exercises can be performed anywhere you feel comfortable.

How To Get Bigger Breast by Massaging?

breast massageContrary to popular belief there are several ways you can increase your breast size naturally without having to go under the knife. One of the most popular yet still relatively unknown procedures is a breast massage. It is a routine that you can literally engage in several minutes each day and if you do it effectively you can help increase the circulation in your breasts. When massaging your breasts it is important to note that increased blood flow your breasts will allow you to produce more phytoestrogens which ultimately helps your breast glow.

Additionally, massaging your breast will also help you as you prepare your body to produce prolactin which is a breast development hormone that is produced primarily during pregnancy.

Which Breast Massage is Best For You?

There are a plethora of breast massages that you can pick when deciding on what types of breast massages work best for you. When asked by several experts in natural breast enhancement which massage is best for those women seeking to enlarge their breast more quickly the following instructions were given:

  • Massage your breasts daily for approximately one month
  • When you are massaging your breast either use a massage oil or a natural breast enlargement cream
  • Prior to using the product place it between your hands and rub your hands together quickly in order to create warmth
  • Rub your breasts by placing your hands on your breasts and then moving them using circular motions.

What’s The Best Breast Massage Oil and Lotion?

Women who are interested in practicing breast massages can enhance their experience by using a plethora of oils or body lotions. A few of these oils and lotions include using cream or extract that is created specifically to help you get the most out of your massage. A few of those oils include:

  • borage oil
  • aloe vera gel
  • sweet almond oil
  • evening primrose oil
  • cocoa butter
  • coconut oil
  • olive oil

How To Increase Your Breast Instantly?

If you are tired of patiently having to wait in order to improve your breast size you may be looking for a way to increase your breast size instantly. This can be done both naturally and also surgically depending on the method you wish to implore but it can be done.

a) Find The Right Clothing

If you want to see your breast size increase instantly, find the right clothing. Choose to wear a strapless dress or a dress that brings attention to your chest area. Believe it or not, wearing clothes like this helps to create an illusion that makes your breast look bigger.  On the contrary, if you generally wear flat tube tops, avoid these types of clothing because they have been known to make your chest look flat.

b) Bras Can Make Your Breasts Look Better

Believe it or not, a quality bra plays a crucial role in helping shape your breast. If you wear a bra that fits your breast perfectly it has been proven that you can improve your bust size.  The best bra size to help you achieve this specific bustier look is a push-up bra. It’s a bra designed specifically to help make your breast look bigger. If you’re not a fan of push up bras you can also consider earring a water bra which not only gives your breast more volume but it also feels more natural to you.


c) Correct Posture

Don’t ever ignore the importance of having a good posture. Many ladies are too lazy to stand up straight and if you’re one of those women you could be impacting the overall look of your breast size. The best way to stand up is to straighten your back and hold your stomach in. Keep your chin up in the air and while using this posture your breast can look bigger naturally.

d) Accessories

You may not know this but wearing accessories can actually be more than just a fashion statement these days. In fact, ti can be a way to help you appear to look not only sexier but even more bustier. Wearing accessories or jewelry especially long chains across your chest can easily make your breast look larger because they simply highlight your breasts more. You can also consider wearing small or short pennant because it can help you create an illusion that you have huge breasts even when you’re smaller.

e) Get Your Make Up Brush and Contour

Grab your make up kit and apply dark eye power between your breasts. This will help you as you begin to contour your breasts. This is best used if you are trying to create an illusion that you have cleavage. It has also been said that using gold colored makeup in the upper part of your breasts has been known to make your boobs look bigger than they generally do.

Should I Get A Natural Breast Augmentation?

Breast Augmentation Before and After PicIf you are considering a breast augmentation you may opt for a breast augmentation that uses fat transfer as opposed to using silicone.  Those who are eligible for a natural breast augmentation include those who don’t want breast implants, those who may be having reconstructive surgery because of breast cancer, or those who only want to increase their breast size by one cup. It has been known to include fewer incisions, minimal scarring and absolutely no risks of capsular contracture.  While this surgery is ideal for women who want a more natural method, it is suggested that you be in good physical shape and have enough body fat that is available for this particular procedure.  It is also important that you have realistic expectations.

Why Do Women Choose Natural Breast Augmentation?

Many women have been known to choose natural breast augmentation after having a nightmare breast implant procedure. It is also a very effective procedure for women who have had to have a mastectomy.  It entails two surgical procedures that are performed in one day. The fat that is eventually put into the breast will come from another area of your body. Once your body fat has been collected from one part of your body, it will be washed and later processed to make sure that all contaminants and fluid waste are washed away. Once this has taken place the clean fat can be injected into the breast where needed. It will take five to six hours to complete this surgical procedure; however, once it’s complete you should expect to recover relatively rapidly. This has become more popular over the last several years because the risks are much lower than some other breast augmentation methods leaving patients with the peace of mind they need in order to complete such a major surgery.

What Happens After My Natural Breast Augmentation is Complete?

If you are looking for the least painful option it may be in your better interest to stay as far away from this procedure. While a patient can’t expects to experience moderate bruising and welling pain is still likely. Additionally, your surgeon will probably prescribe you a compression garment in order to help you minimize your swelling. The great thing about the Fat Transfer procedure is that the fat that is eventually transferred into your breasts also has living cells. This means for two weeks straight you’ll have to go braless(which for some women is not that bad of an idea).  Doing this will not only help you with allowing new cells to come into your breast tissue but it will also help in a plethora of other ways as well.

Do I Need Bigger Breasts?

That solely depends on how having bigger breasts really make you feel. Having bigger breasts is not necessarily a necessity. In fact, it is actually more of a commodity.  Society has led many people to believe that the only way they can ever achieve success or get the attention of a man is by having bigger breasts and that’s not always true.  We live in a world where everybody literally wants what they don’t have. For example, women with small breasts want bigger breasts and then women with bigger breasts tend to want smaller breasts. It’s almost as if as a culture we can never be satisfied, there’s always something more that’s more appealing and appeasing.  In fact, while many people may focus on the cons of having small breasts there are actually several pros to having small breast as well.   A few of these things pros include but are not limited to:

More pleasurable sex: Studies have proven that women with small breasts actually have more pleasurable encounters in bed. This in part is due to the fact that women with smaller breast are more easily stimulated.

They make you look younger: Having small breast can be advantageous especially as you get older. Many men and women associate bust size with age which means the smaller your boobs are the younger you appear to others. If you’re constantly obsessing with whether or not you’ll look old when you get old, you may want to consider holding on to those smaller breast sizes. WHat’s even more interesting is that many women who have bigger breasts often complain that they wish their breasts were much smaller.

You don’t have to worry about saggy breast: The smaller your breasts are the less you have to worry about your breast sagging. While this may seem like an issue that not many people deal with you will be surprised at how many women have to get a surgery done on their breast each and every day because of their saggy boobs.

You can wear button down shirts with no issues: Believe it or not the bigger your breasts are, the harder it can be for you to find clothes to wear. Specifically, button up shirts. Button up shirts makes it hard for women with bigger busts to button without busting out of it. In fact, many bustier women have often said that they believe that button down shirts were created specifically for women who have small boobs because there’s no way any other woman could wear a button down shirt without exposing all of her body parts in the process.

You have better posture: Remember how we discussed previously how having a better posture will help you appear to have bigger boobs? Well, better posture is just great overall. Women who’s breasts are bigger tend to struggle with posture because they have so much of their weight on their chest.

Less risk for breast cancer: Smaller breasts don’t necessarily mean you won’t get breast cancer but it does mean you are at less of a risk for breast cancer if your boobs are smaller. This alone should be motivation for women to embrace their smaller boob size.

I Still Hate My Breast Size, What Should I do Next?

If you’re really determined to have bigger breasts and you want to do it right away, you’ll want to consult with a physician who specializes in breast enlargement. These physicians will be able to help you determine which methods are safe for you given your medical history. One of the biggest mistakes you can make on your breast enhancement journey is to make a medical decision without having the knowledge necessary to ensure you’re marking a great decision. Being able to make a knowledgeable decision about your bust size will not only save you from wasting lots of unnecessary money on procedures but it will also help answer questions for you that you may not be able to find on your own.

Breast enhancement is ultimately a personal decision for you to make. Learn how to weigh out both the pros and cons and once you’ve decided that you know what’s best for you(and your body) be confident enough in your decision that you don’t care what other people may or may not say about your decision. It’s your body and it’s ultimately your decision to make when it comes to your body.


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