Innie or Outie Vagina

Are you an innie or outie? It all begins with a simple conversation for most women and while it may seem like a relatively awkward conversation to have you would be surprised at how many women often look at themselves in the mirror and wonder if they have an innie or and outie vagina and if having either or actually means anything to men. And while that part of the conversation is still to be determined, it has been the general consensus that it doesn’t matter if you have an innie or outie vagina, all vaginas are beautiful in one way or the other.

According to sex therapist, 50% of all women have outie vaginas which means the other 50%, yes you guessed it have innie vaginas making neither one more popular than the other in this battle of innie vs. outie vagina.

An outie vagina is often referred to as a vagina that is smaller than the inner lips, which causes the inner lips to stick out much like an outie belly button. As probably assumed an innie vagina has the opposite description. Typically an innie vagina does not stick out as much as an outie vagina does and for many men who don’t understand the anatomy of a vagina they often seem to think that women who have outie vagina’s have had multiple sex partners over the course of time and that an outie vagina is a physical sign of that. Because of this, many women who have outie vaginas have often contemplated having reconstructive surgery in order to “correct” their vaginas; however, many healthcare officials have urged women to embrace the vaginas that they have because just like any other party of the human anatomy; no two body parts look the exact same.

A few years ago, several women were surveyed in order for sex experts to determine what was the definition of a “normal vagina” and the results of this survey were startling. Thanks to easily accessible pornography many women have been falsely led to believe that a “normal vagina” is small, pink, hairless and tucked under which medical professionals think is not only unrealistic but could be detrimental to a woman’s self esteem as she gets older and her vagina continues to change even more. Dr. Ginny Mansberg, a licensed GP stated: “Women are getting a really warped view of what’s normal. When watching porn they are thinking, mine doesn’t look like that, there must be something wrong with me.”

So what should women do when they feel as if their vaginas aren’t normal or should look a bit different? Accept the appearance of your vagina for what it is. Besides, how many vaginas do we as women see on a normal basis any way? Maybe one or perhaps even two if you’re an avid watcher of porn. Women don’t tend to have the opportunity to see the insides of a woman’s vagina like men do to see what other men’s penises look like (and let’s face it, what woman would want to if you’re not a gynecologist?).  The best solution? Worry about what’s in your pants and not what’s in another woman’s.

Frequently Asked Questions About Innie vs. Outie Vagina

Which One Is Better To Have Innie vs. Outie Vagina?

We live in a society where if you don’t like something on your body, you can easily fixed it and surprisingly a vagina is no different. According to medical studies that have been conducted there is no true indication of which vagina is “better”.

 My Partner Hates My Outie Vagina, What Should I Do?

Find another partner or consider having your partner sit down with a gynecologist. He or she will find out that having an outie vagina is no different from having an innie vagina. Look at it as having an innie our outie belly button. There is no true difference between the two other than it’s physical appearance.

Does An Outie Vagina Mean I Have Had too Many Sexual Partners?

No, in fact 50% of women have innie vaginas and the others have outie vaginas. A woman can literally be born with an outie vagina and it does not take a rocket scientist to know that a new born can’t possibly be sexually active.

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