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When to Perform Chin Augmentation in Conjunction with Rhinoplasty


Chin augmentation is a process used to improve the look of either a recessive or a weak chin.  There are surgical implants that are used or non-surgical micro-fat grafting that is done to create a new chin for balanced facial features.

What is rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is a nose procedure that is intended to improve the function of the nose or to alter its shape. It can be done with the goal of correcting breathing issues related to correcting disfigurement which is as a result of either a birth effect or trauma. A rhinoplasty procedure can also be done for cosmetic purposes to improve the appearance of a person.

Do I need to have a chin augmentation with my rhinoplasty?

A chin augmentation combined with a rhinoplasty procedure is not something that every patient needs. When you go for your consultation, Dr Daniel G. Becker of the Becker Rhinoplasty Center will make recommendations that are dependent on your facial features. Dr Becker can have more flexibility when balancing your facial features using fat grafting or facial implants which will result in a more appealing look especially if your chin is weak.

How is the preparation done?

During a consultation, the facial proportions are exceedingly vital, and they are reviewed with the help of a computer imaging system. In many instances, what will be determined is the chin of the patient’s poor projection and this may affect how the nose is viewed. In some cases, augmenting the chin projection will be recommended while a rhinoplasty procedure is being done. This will not only increase the rhinoplasty procedure, but patients will become much happier.

The chin augmentation surgery will be done using a small incision under the chin where tiny scars are present in most people because of falls during their childhood days. In most cases, you will not find a revision for this type of surgery.

The chin and the nose are an important player in the overall proportion of the face. If you plan to get a chin augmentation or a rhinoplasty, you will be on a path to achieving a much better look. With the help of a computer imaging system that provides you with a mock-up of the resulting facial outlook, you and your surgeon will determine if combining these procedures will be a better fit considering the results of the mock-up.

Rhinoplasty is pursued by many people for the purpose of achieving balance and proportion on the face. In some cases, the objective of having a balanced facial profile is better done by pairing rhinoplasty with chin augmentation. It is even more convenient to perform chin augmentation and rhinoplasty simultaneously to offer patients several valuable benefits.

Double benefits for a single procedure

When a single procedure is performed at a given time, a patient is able to enjoy the benefits of undergoing two separate procedures while under one round of anaesthesia. Most patients experience no additional discomfort when undergoing chin augmentation and rhinoplasty, and they prefer having the same recovery time after both procedures are done. Patients are able to avoid taking extra time from work and other engagement for a second operation and recovery.

Balance is achieved

The chin and nose are two features that work to create a balance of the facial profile. When rhinoplasty is done on its own, the results usually bring about a weak chin that appears weaker after a nose correction procedure. When both procedures are done simultaneously, the surgeon will ensure that balance in shape and size of the features are satisfactory to the patient.

Satisfaction is proved

In a study that was undertaken to understand the level of satisfaction of patients after plastic surgery, it was discovered that patients who had chin augmentation and rhinoplasty done simultaneously happened to be more satisfied with the overall procedure.

In a research that involved 90 patients who had undergone a combination of chin surgery and rhinoplasty between 2002 and 2004, the researchers followed up with the patients for three years after the procedure was done to check up on their level of satisfaction with the results.

It was discovered that the subjects enjoyed much stable and long-lasting effects of the procedure. The subjects also had great satisfaction in the relationship between the neck, chin, and nose, which are primary features that constitute to a more pleasing facial outlook. Researchers also found out that focusing on one of the facial features never proved successful in creating balance in the proportion of the face.

Save money

Apart from using one recovery period to heal from two procedures, a combination of chin augmentation and rhinoplasty also helps in saving money. Since patients pay for both procedures, there is a single charge on the anaesthesia used and on the use of the facility. Patients can save some money, which makes the process a more cost-effective way of realizing aesthetic goals.

What happens if I’m not sure whether to combine both procedures?

If you are not sure whether you want any procedure should be done to your nose, but you feel that you want to balance your facial profile, then you need to try a chin augmentation first to check the kind of improvement that you can achieve with this procedure done in its own. This is primarily suggested because the recovery period of a chin augmentation procedure compared to that of a rhinoplasty is very diverse. Most patients who have done chin augmentation can get back to work after a day, while it can take a period of more than a week for patients to recover from rhinoplasty.

How is the recovery after implants

When a facial implant surgery is paired with rhinoplasty, your overall downtime can be significantly reduced. In essence, recovery from a chin implant is minimal. Most of the patients take about 2 weeks off work to spend it on the recovery period, which is the same downtime as after a rhinoplasty procedure. A chin implant will not add any additional downtime.

For more information regarding facial procedures such as rhinoplasty & chin augmentation and whether you need to combine both procedures, contact Dr Becker at 609-436-5740 or visit for more details regarding the procedures offered at the medical facility.

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