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Romantic Surprises That Will Make Your Relationship More Romantic


Relationships take work, romance takes effort. It is important to keep the romance alive as often as possible. This can be difficult with the fast pace of life but it is important to make the time and effort.

As the title suggests, the surprise is the key element. Just when your loved one is expecting nothing, getting a romantic surprise is a wonderful feeling.

The ideas don’t have to be expensive. Just knowing someone has put some thought into an idea and gone to the trouble of doing it is already romantic.

To get you started, here are 10 top ideas for romantic surprises. They can be used for any occasion or no occasion at all. They are perfect for your monthly anniversary or monthsary.

Romantic photo shoot

Book a photographer and find a unique venue for a one of a kind, romantic photo shoot. Create memories the two of you can share forever. The added bonus is that you can use the photos later in frames or photo blocks for another romantic surprise.

This need not be an expensive exercise and you do not need to book a professional photographer. There are many up and coming photographers that are still developing. They will give you quality results without breaking the bank.

A romantic meal at home

The food is important but it is all about the scene and the attention to detail. Prepare something that you know your partner loves and that you know you can pull off. Create the right environment with the right music, gentle lighting and great presentation. Make it special with starters and dessert.

Book a class together

Sharing is caring. Try and find something you will both enjoy learning and sharing together. There are hundreds of options but a cooking, dance or craft class is always fun and will be a great romantic experience.

Make a collection of your love’s favorite music

All coupleshave songs that are special to them. Make a collection of music that is special to your partner and to the two of you as a couple. Save in the format you most often use for music and surprise your love with it.

Surprise night away

Any night away, especially a surprise, is special. It does not have to be fancy or even far. In fact, close is often quite good as you get there quickly. It is a romantic gesture that is a break from the routine. Take some special treats to enjoy on your romantic night away.

Have a monthsary

Have a monthsary. That is a monthly anniversary. It is the perfect way to keep the romance brewing and building throughout the year. There are many monthsary ideas for her so surprise her and keep the romantic feeling flowing.

Sunset dinner

Here, you will need to find the right location. You want somewhere special, preferably private. It can be a picnic but a table and chairs would be good. It is all about the little things. Make sure you have the right location and timing to make the sunset a perfect timing. Sunset would be an added bonus.

A surprise lunch at work

We all have to eat lunch. A surprise romantic lunch at work is a great solution. Understand the company dynamics and make a plan that will fit in. There is little more romantic than showing off in front of your work colleagues. Prepare a simple but special meal to take to your love’s work.

Hidden love notes

Romantic gestures do not have to be expensive or complicated. A simple love note slipped into a surprise location is a winner. You can do one or two or multiple messages. The more, the better. There are many monthsary ideas for her.


Nothing says romance like a bit of adrenalin. Ok, it is not for everyone so chose an adventure wisely. You can hot air balloon, skydive, take a helicopter ride or climb a mountain. There are many options to choose from, depending on your preferences. Select one that you will both enjoy and do not be too extreme.

There is no excuse not to be romantic. There are thousands of ideas. Keep the love light burning.



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