Having a spa day can be a blessing because it allows you to have “me time” at times where everyone is stressing out, busy and tired. Spa day gives you a chance to relax, stop, detox and beautify yourself. Of course, every one of us would love to have fresh, glowy skin, shinier hair, nails done perfectly but it costs us a lot, not only money but also our time. So making to a spa salon every Sunday is not possible for everyone, so you don’t have to leave your home, spend money and hours to look fabulous. You can have everything at home. Spend some money on buying the good scrubs, shampoos, bath bombs, exfoliates, balms, kits and some essential oils. Not only products for external application are needed to have a fresh skin, but you also need to detox your stomach from all the bad things you have consumed. Drink as much fresh lime water as you can and eat fresh vegetables and fruits. Your healthy diet directly has an impact on your skin and mood. Eat healthy stay healthy. Next to health comes the hygiene of a person. Taking care of the hygiene is important. Eat healthy, stay clean and take care of yourself.

Upon so much pondering, finally we were able to prepare a list of 10 Spa essentials that you would need to have that perfect and neat look. So, here is the list of things you need:

1.    Prepare some good Homemade products skin and hair care:

You do not always have to spend an abundant amount of money to buy those costly brands and expensive products for skin care.  You can prepare such products easily at home by using some common and cheap materials. Scrubs made from brown sugar and jojoba oil are always best for glowing skin. It removes the dead skin and cleanse the open pores of your skin and leave you with the soft and smooth surface. Exfoliates prepared at home from natural ingredients also work so well on the skin.  Homemade exfoliates always have a very good result. You can adjust the ingredients according to type of skin you have.

Similarly, you can make a homemade product for your hair. Coconut oil, almond oil, and ginger extract can prove to be very good for your hair. Hair masks prepared at home are always the best ones. For your convenience, you can make these products and store them in glass jars. In this way, they will be stored for a longer time period and you can easily use them. Good and cheaper way to take care of your skin and hair. Do spend a few hours in making something that can benefit you for a longer period.

You can also use a good company hair straightener, curler, hair dry and wide tooth combs to avoid hair breakage. Use a soft woolen towel to pat your hair dry after taking a shower or bath. These little things make a lot of difference.

2.    Turkish soft bath towels:

In spas and salons they prefer using soft, white Turkish towels, then why not keeping them at home too? Keep them in your washroom so that you can use them after taking a bath. Taking care of yourself will make you feel good and healthy. And you will feel like you have been to a spa salon. Without spending much money, your skin will be soft and fresh. You can order Turkish bath towels online at a very reasonable price. It is a must have a thing at home.This way you can experience the real spa feeling at home.

3.    The incredible spa robes you need at home:

One of the important spa things you will need at home is a spa robe. The spa robe should be soft and comfortable one neither too fancy not of bad fabric. The incredible spa robe will make you feel relax and comfy.  Instead of going to a spa salon and spending a large amount of money on baths and getting other stuff done, spend a little amount on buying a good spa robe and treat yourself well at home. You can also order them online from some of the best collections available online. It is, no doubt, the best idea to have an incredible spa robe at home!

4.  Buy a good Manicure and Pedicure kit:

If you don’t have a manicure and pedicure kit at home, then you should definitely buy it. Manicure and pedicure are a must need things that need to be done at least twice a week. Going to a spa salon twice a week is not a good idea. This kit is a must-have kit at home as it will help you in many ways. After buying the Kit, the next thing you have to do is to learn the procedure step by step and start trying it at home. Your hands and feet will always be in good condition if you learn how to do your own manicure and pedicure. Buy the kit and place it in your bathroom at home. Make your own spa salon at home and feel beautiful.

5. A must have Toiletry basket at home:

Turn your bathroom into an ultimate spa with the help of relaxing fragrances, comfortable accessories, and soothing colors to create a personal spa in your own home. Turn your bathroom into spa and keep the stuff ready that you will need. There are some things that you need to keep at home 24/7. These things are important for your grooming. The basket includes basic daily stuff you would need like the toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, perfume, sprays, roll on and soaps, etc. Do not keep everything in the basket. Stick to the essentials things that you need and make sure the toiletry stuff is from a good company. Hygiene and grooming above all. To keep your skin and hair healthy you need to take care of very basic things including your hygiene. Stay clean and pretty!

6.    Give yourself a good massage and brush off stiffness:

Massages are, no doubt, therapeutic. No time for the massage at the spa salon? No worries, you can give yourself a good body massage at home. Take a warm water shower and pat yourself dry with a soft woolen towel. It will loosen up your stiff muscles then apply a good massaging oil at the targeted area and start rubbing it slowly. All you need to buy is a good massaging oil from a good company. You can also buy a good massaging machine for yourself. It is very easy to use and light machine to give yourself a good massage. You will feel so relaxed after the massage as it is an real treatment for reducing pressure, pain and muscle tension. A perfect way to treat yourself like a princess.

7.    Get your nails done at home:

One of the most important things we visit spa salons for is getting your nails done by the experts. You can do your own nails now. After doing a good manicure and pedicure remove the dead cells from the nails and push the cuticles away with the cuticle pusher, reshape your nails with a good sharp filer. After cleaning and filing your nails in good shape, apply your favorite nail polish and let it dry. Do the same for your toenails. Don’t forget to buy a LED nail dryer. It has some good results. Be ready to show off your beautifully done nails and that too free of cost, at home. Good nails give you a fresh and tidy look. Be ready to show off your perfectly done nails to everyone out there.

8.  Spa Baths in your own bathroom:

A perfect way to relax yourself and release all your stress! So, what do you want?  The hot bath or bubble bath? Decide what kind of bath do you want to take at home? Buy the products you need along with some homemade products to have a perfect result that you need. Staying in the bath tub for a few hours can help you in releasing your stress and body stiffness. Enjoying a spa day at home is incomplete without a long soak in a bath tub.

There are a few essential things that you need to have a good bath. They are Epsom salts, ginger, and its extract, essential oils, oatmeal and rosewater. All these things have a special role to play in making your skin flawless and shiny again.  Take a comfortable bath at home and after taking a shower or bath do moisturize your body with a good moisturizer. You will be so happy and relaxed after it!

9.    ImportantSpa pieces of equipment at home:

To have a perfect spa at home, you need to have a few important spa pieces of equipment also. Do consult someone who has good know-how of the spa equipment then buy them. Some of the important products include massaging machines, facial systems, stool, steamers, stationary tables, portable massage tables, etc. once you buy them, they will be helpful in many ways for a longer period of time. Equipment will give you a perfect spa environment at home. Enjoy a full spa day at home.

10.     Miscellaneous stuff for the spa at home:

Self-care is a good thing. We need to take care of yourself the way we take care of others. Going to Spa Salons is one of the ways you can take care of yourself, but if you cannot afford it, you can always have a spa day at home. So, if you want a perfect spa feeling at home, then you have to arrange the stuff at home the way it is in spa salons. Yes. You have to take care of the decoration and comfortable environment. It will give you inner happiness. You can light simple candles or scented candles to set the mood. Keep some magazines on the side of your bath tub so that you can read them while you are in bath tub. It is a great idea to quiet your mind and relax fully. Don’t forget the scents. They are very important to make an environment a perfect one.

Every girl’s dream is to look good and have a glowing flawless skin. But to achieve it you don’t have to spend hours and hours in a spa salon and spend a large amount on getting the desired skin and hair. You can do everything at home now by buying a few spa essentials and learning some techniques. You do not have to rely on spa salons to give a perfect look and make you feel good about yourself. Your spa is at home now, and you are the in charge of it. At any hour of the day, you can treat yourself like a princess. It will, but also mentally you will feel relaxed and calm.

Pampering yourself and treating yourself is a good habit. No one can take care of you the way you can take care of yourself. But how should you take care of yourself, stay healthy and look pretty? This article has answered these questions for you. You just have to take some time out of your busy schedule for your grooming. It will not make your skin and hair good but also brush off your tensions and stress. You will have a chance to live a day to take care of your body, hair, and skin. So, after much pondering, we came up with this list of ten spa essentials for your home to make you feel good and pretty again. We hope that you like our list and would consider them at home. Enjoy a spa day at your own home with these ten spa essential things!

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