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Lip Lock: Meaning, Types, Benefits and How to Kiss a Girl on Lips [Bonus: Lip Lock Vs Smooch]


Like all arts, kissing is a very personal expression of feeling. When you kiss someone, you are expressing your love for that person. A kiss on lips is referred to as a lip lock, which is a very basic and sensual form of kissing. If you are wondering what is lip lock, you should know that it involves ‘locking’ or sealing your partner’s lips between your own.

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How Harry I Martin Jr is Helping Women to Grow in 2019?

Business Women

Over the recent past, different countries across the globe have been advocating equality for both men and women. Whether it is political, social, morally, or even financially, no woman want o to feel left out in the society. There is no feeling for a woman that is greater than feeling financially independent. There has been a lot of debate of whom between men and women are known to be risk takers. In a male-dominated business world, if any woman wants to succeed, it is important that they should seek guidance and mentorship of an expert in this world.

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