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10 Funny Things to Say on a First Date That’ll Make Your Date Laugh


For most people, the first date is full of excitement and fear. No one knows how things will unfold at the end of the date. The easiest thing is to prepare well for the date and wait. As part of the preparations, you need to understand what you should say and what not to say. Sharing laughter with your date should be one of your main goals if you want to have a second date. People want to be happy when spending time with relationship partners. The highlights below give you an idea of how to make your date laugh on this first date. If you are not married yet then read this definitive guide on how to do the first night.

Tell Funny Jokes with a Wide Appeal

One does not have to be a comedian to crack a few humorous jokes on a first date. Also, you do not have to read the jokes from a script. However, it is possible to keep your date smiling all the way through the date with jokes that are not offensive. Be cautious about the subject of your jokes because some people may feel offended if the jokes touch on personal or sensitive matters. Simple jokes remain the best thing to bring laughter to your date easily.

Share Childhood Fun

It is a great idea to bring up something humorous about your childhood while having a first date. In fact, it is one of the best ways to create laughter. Both women and men can share some funny stories of how they spent their childhood moments with other siblings, friends, and parents. If you realize that your partner is not enjoying such jokes, you can quickly change the topic to something she or he is happy to hear.

Teenage Expeditions

While avoiding mentioning your first partner, you can still bring fun to the table through reminiscing about high school experiences that you have had. Believe it or not, most people want to hear about the funny moments that you had while in your teenage days especially when in high school and college. This could range from practical jokes to stealing expeditions and many other events. Apart from causing laughter, the memories show the transition that you have gone through up until now. Amazingly, most of the experiences that you had as a teenager include something to laugh about.

Show Funny Clips

As time goes by later in the relationship, both of you will talk about many things that are general or specific. Probably, it is time to ease up a bit and share some fun at this early stage. If you have some funny clips on your smartphone, you can show them to your date. Perhaps, this is the best moment to bring your date closer to your body and feel the connection amid the laughter. However, do not show offensive clips particularly if you are not familiar with what your date loves or hates.

Take Her or Him to the Dance Floor

If your partner loves dancing, which you should learn as the date moves on, then you can request a good song for her or him. Guide your partner to the dance floor and enjoy the music. Everyone loves to dance because it provides a relieving pleasure. Both of you will smile as you look into each other’s eyes and enjoy the moment. If your partner is not comfortable with dancing, you should try something else to make her or him laugh and remember this first date.

Make Some Funny Moves

Sitting too much at the table is not good. You can get up to stretch and make some funny but cautious moves. However, this can only happen if you are at a casual setup that will not attract a lot of attention and embarrassment. The start should be small just to attract your date’s attention. Make sure that he or she is enjoying what you are about to do. Your partner should also understand that it is because of her or him that you are happy and cannot hide it. It is also during such a moment that you can request a second date, and she or he will definitely say “yes” amid the laughter.

Ask Hilarious Questions

If you go online, you will find numerous articles about hilarious questions you can ask on your first date. You too can come up with your humorous questions depending on the situation. They are best brought up when there is a brief silence at the table. For those who have met their dates on, they already know the kind of questions that make their partner happy or not. Thus, your partner will definitely love the questions that you put forward and will try to answer them while both of you are laughing already.

Play a Funny Game

Although it is not good to introduce activities that will consume most of your precious date time, you can bring out a small funny game that will make both of you laugh. Make sure it does not draw you in the direction of digging too much into the personal lives of both of you. You can check online for the best ideas of funny games to play on a first date.

Some Cliché Statements

Although some people are annoyed by clichés about love like “I would travel to the moon and back for you,” these statements can still be a thing to joke about. What determines whether it will be annoying or a statement to laugh about is the facial expression and tone of voice that you have. Also, it is up to you to test the water in a wise way and understand whether your date gets along well with such funny clichés. If she or he is not for it, changing the topic very quickly is crucial.

Be Full of Laughter

Your laughter will make your date laugh as well. No matter the number of jokes that you make or funny things that you share, the other person will not laugh if you are not laughing. The smile on her or his face becomes wider when your smile is already there. Nevertheless, laughing too much even about things that are funny can be overwhelming to the other person. Therefore, you must understand what it is that your partner is enjoying and what she or he is not.

By now, you already know how to engage your date with laughter all throughout the date. Choose your jokes and funny activities well to avoid offending your partner now that you want a second date.

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