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Breasts are one of the beautiful distinguishing features that make a woman. This, however, is sometimes not limited to women alone. Some men experience man boobs which can frustrate and embarrass a man at the same time. There is a difference between abs and male breast. Why does this happen to some men and is it reversible?

These are among the many questions that victims of male breasts try to find answers using all sorts of means. The causes may differ from one man to the other that is why a doctor is useful in helping you know your cause and reverse it if possible. Today we will discuss this condition that is referred to as gynecomastia in detail to help you find solutions to the problem. Learn more!

What is gynecomastia?

Doctors say that is the swelling of your tissue in your breast which comes as a result of hormonal imbalance. As a man, you should have more testosterone hormone than estrogen. When estrogen levels are higher than your testosterone, it can make you develop male breasts. This condition can start right from puberty and extend up to old age.

What causes gynecomastia?

The causes of this condition may either be natural or self- inflicted without you realizing it.

Natural Causes

Studies reveal that about half of male infants have enlarged breasts as soon as they are born. This happens because of the high estrogen levels in the mother which increases during pregnancy. The condition in the infant, however, reduces within a month after birth.

As you approach puberty, your body is fighting to balance both the sex hormones that you have in your body. As a man you still have estrogen but in low quantities. These hormonal fluctuations can cause enlarged breast which can disappear naturally within six months.

This condition can recur as you age since the testosterone levels decrease as you turn to your fifties. Statistics reveal that one man in a group of four aged guys has gynecomastia.

Other causes

Apart from the natural causes, medications can also affect the size of your breasts. Such medicines include steroids, anti-androgens, and medications to control AIDS as well as anti-anxiety pills. Treatments such as cancer therapy, heart medications, and anti-depressants are also associated with gynecomastia.

Substance abuse is also a factor that affects your sex hormones. Many people think that taking drugs such as marijuana, heroin and meth make them sex gods. These substances affect your hormones and could enlarge your breast.

Some health conditions could also cause gynecomastia. Problems such as kidney or liver failure, cirrhosis, testes tumors as well as hyperthyroidism affect the balancing of your hormones and can enlarge your male breasts.

How can you treat male boobs?

Add zinc into your diet

Low testosterone levels may be as a result of low zinc levels in your body. You can change this by consuming foods rich in zinc. You can find this nutrient in many foods such as cereals, cashews, chickpeas, lobsters as well as raisins. This is a natural remedy that can bring back your confidence. There are also zinc supplements that can help you with the help of a doctor.

Make use of flaxseed

This contains omega three which is useful in raising your testosterone levels. Flaxseeds contain lignans that balance out your sex hormone to reduce high production of estrogen in your body. It also takes care of harmful toxins in your body that may have been caused by smoking or drinking alcohol. Take flaxseed oil in small quantities with the instructions from a doctor for you to benefit from it and reverse male breasts.

Avoid substance abuse

Drugs are a significant cause of enlarged breast in men. Avoid listening to misconceptions in society and seek help from to prevent drug addiction. They can help you break drug tolerance and treat any psychological issues you may be having.

Take milk thistle

You can get these supplements from your doctor or use the seeds from your local store. This is essential for patients with liver conditions who would like to reduce male breasts. It enhances the functioning of your liver since it contains silymarin.

Crash your milk thistle seeds and add water to ensure consistency. Heat the mixture until it boils then leave it to cool. You can add some natural honey to sweeten it before consuming. Take this for at least two weeks and see the difference it makes.

Cold compress

Enlarged breasts in men can cause tenderness and pain. Cold compress using ice contracts the tissues in your breasts to reduce the swelling and pain. You can do this by wrapping ice cubes in a towel and placing them on each of them for some time. Prevent frostbite by not using ice directly on the male breasts.


Some doctors say that obesity can enlarge breast in men. You can, therefore, reverse this situation by doing practical exercises. Training not only lowers your body fat but also gives you masculine muscles and a toned body.

Gynecomastia requires some specific training through an instructor to help you see results. Some of these include chest presses, push-ups, bench-presses as well as swimming. Use dumbbells to do sets of chest presses to tighten your chest muscles. This will minimize the saggy chest and enhance its appearance.

You can also train using a rowing machine which is a fun way to exercise as you strengthen your chest to gain abs and reduce the breasts. Enrolling in a training program will keep motivated and as you pay attention to your chest muscles.

Consider an operation

Sometimes when all options seem futile, a surgical procedure could be the last resort. This could be suitable if your gynecomastia is not a result of any health conditions. Consider taking plastic surgery from a specialist training in breast reduction to ensure your safety.

Final thoughts

The male breasts can lower your self- esteem. Thankfully there are numerous solutions you can choose to get your confidence back. Find out the cause of your problem so that you know how to treat it. Remember, a proper diet, exercise and natural herbs can make a significant difference in your appearance.

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