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5 Rules for Securing a Date via a Chat Line

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These days, there are lots of different ways for men and women to find new partners and for singles to mingle with other singles. Traditional methods, like actually approaching a woman in a bar and having a conversation, seem to be fading away and being replaced by more impersonal approaches via mobile dating apps and online dating websites.

Of course, the introduction of technology does enable us to be in contact with the ones we love (and the ones we just fancy!) whenever and wherever we want. But many will argue that although this attempts to keep us closer together, society as a whole is growing further apart – distanced by glass screens and touchpads.

Alas, there is one method of meeting singles that is both steeped in history and yet still extremely relevant and popular today – calling a phone chat line! Perhaps you may not have considered a phone chat line before, but there are several reasons why they can often be more fruitful than dating apps or more traditional methods of courting.

So how does it work and why should you consider it? Find out below – we’ll even give you five tips on how to secure your first date!

Chat Lines – How They Work

The concept is universal, but the approach may be a niche or unique. For example, you can find chatlines that are dedicated purely to married individuals looking for an affair. When you call a chat line you will usually hear a set of voice recordings and greetings from other users of the chat line. Once you find someone you are interested in you will have the opportunity to get to know that person over the phone if they wish to get to know you in return.

Chat lines are usually based on locality so you will always be connected to someone in your region. This is much safer than online dating as you can hear someone’s voice on a local recognized phone number. You cannot assess who is at the other end of a computer screen.

Benefits of Chat Lines

Aside from the increased safety aspect, there are many other benefits to choosing a chat line over other dating methods:

Keep it Local

You will always be connected to local individuals, which makes the process of obtaining a real date a lot easier. It is another reason why online dating is not always effective or enjoyable – it’s actually a rarity to meet someone in your locality online. Talk to someone in your dialect, with knowledge of your city and with lots in common.

A Lot of Fun

Kinky phone calls are extremely fun, especially with someone new. It allows you to build up a lot of tension, desires and attraction before you even meet for the first time – if you wish to do so. Even if you don’t plan on meeting with anyone, you can find a like-minded individual to explore any fantasies you may have in your own time and in the comfort of your own home.

Safe and Secure

As mentioned already, chat lines are a lot safer than online dating platforms as you can talk to someone who is like-minded and in your area. There could be someone in your community you would never normally have the opportunity to meet, someone special who could be introduced to you via a chat line.As you are not using your own telephone number, you have all the security you need to really get to know someone before taking it to the next step.

Five Ways of Securing Your First Date

Now on to the tips and tricks and the part where we reveal five pieces of advice for obtaining a date – or at least a love interest – via your chosen chat line! Follow these suggestions carefully and you should be having lots of chat line fun in no time at all!

Make Your Greeting Mysterious and Enticing

The best and only way to spark someone’s attention on a chat line is with your initial greeting. Make this as sexy, as mysterious and as enticing as you possibly can. It is important to maintain this throughout your initial conversations too so that you protect your personal information whilst being playfully mysterious and kinky at the same time.

Don’t Grill the Other Person or Become a Quizmaster!

Not everybody likes to be peppered with frequent or boring questions. How are you? How was work? Did you drive? Was there traffic? These types of questions do not lead to good, meaningful or saucy conversations! You can get someone to talk about themselves without asking mundane questions. This isn’t an interview so just have fun with it and be relaxed.

Make the Other Person Feel Relaxed and Comfortable

As important as it is for you to be relaxed, you must also let the other person know that you’re happy to be speaking to them too. Try complimenting them on their conversational skills or the sound of their voice. The more relaxed you both are, the easier the conversation will flow and the more fun you will have.If you sense that the other person is tense or a little awkward, do not be pushy and instead ask what it is they would like to do or talk about.

Roleplay, Be Silly and Laugh a Lot

Fun is the most important factor too. If you aren’t having fun, then there is no point in continuing and you might as well find somebody else to talk to. Do not take yourself too seriously here and allow yourself to drop your guard a little and have some fun. Roleplaying is a great activity over the phone, living out each other’s fantasies in imagination before reality. Being silly and giggly is all part of the fun so allow yourself to let your hair down – and everything else!

Know When it’s Time to Hang Up

When the energy level is dropping, or the conversation is getting dry, you should be able to read the signs early and act on them before the call becomes stale. You can even blame your departure from the call on something else, like someone knocking on your door etc. You don’t want to seem clingy or desperate so putting the phone down and causing your lover to want more and more certainly won’t be a bad thing!

There you have it – our five tips for securing a date via a phone chat line. Even if you are not looking for a physical date, you can follow these guidelines to ensure your chat line experience is a safe and enjoyable one. Good luck!

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