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Dating – Harder or Easier than 13 Years Ago?


Dating – finding a life partner or simply finding a soul mate and friend is on most people’s agenda but it is interesting to consider if modern technology has had an impact, good or bad on the thousands of years old ‘dating game’.

It’s not by accident that we consider this over a 13-year-old timescale. 13 years ago Apple launched the first iPhone – staggering for many younger people to get their heads around.

One would imagine that these constantly connected devices would help people to find a date. Indeed, billions have been invested in online dating sites and Tinder alone claims to match millions of people daily. The ability to instantly find a ‘match’ and be conversing within minutes has to be positive, doesn’t it?

20 years ago the way to find a date was to mix in the community, be that work, pubs or nightclubs and find someone that ‘took your fancy’. Great start, firstly you get to see exactly how they look and usually, within just a few minutes you would also know if there was any mutual attraction.

Stage two would be arranging to meet somewhere and sticking to that agreement as there were only basic mobile phones to confirm details by text. There was also the dreaded phone call to the parent’s house and asking ‘is Sarah in?’ Those calls took a lot of courage most times.

Things would either progress or they wouldn’t, but all through actual physical meetings rather than online. How things have changed. Where do you now meet a potential new partner? Online invariably.

We rarely go out to pubs or clubs looking for a date, why would you, when there are thousands of computerised matches based on your age and profile. So, credit card in hand, glasa s of beer to our side we register and start browsing.

Can You Find Love Online?

ne issue – especially for guys, is that there are so many fake profiles on dating sites just there to entice him to get his credit card out and sign up. But let’s say that he (or she) does get a response to his messages, what then? There is inevitably an ongoing diatribe of messages between the couple before any meeting takes place.

Sometimes, dare we say, things go further online and the conversations can become a little more risqué to say the least. When one side gets fed up – or becomes realistic about things and arranging a meeting, then its decision time.

Hopefully her – or his profile pictures are reasonably current, as some can actually be ten years old if not more. You are soon going to find out. One thing that is very easy to do is to become attracted to someone through electronic messages. Quite simply because this is not the real person that you are talking to. It is someone who is sending selected messages and answering questions in any manner that they think that you may want to hear.

Online Dating – Somewhere to Hide?

So the reality is, when you finally meet your online partner, all will be revealed. That beer belly carefully obscured in your pics, receding hairline your and barely functioning car.

Likewise, she may not have the perfect bust that her pictures show, may not be quite ‘curvy’ but actually downright fat and may have the conversational skills of you’re a three year old. So where have all your time and effort actually got you when you finally meet?

Dating or Satisfaction?

Of course it does depend what you mean exactly by dating. If you are looking for a one of hit with a girl it may be far easier, and cheaper in the long run to book the services of a London escort from Honey Girls Escorts to give you the satisfaction you seek.

Choosing a high class escort that offers a full GFE – or Girl Friend Experience may satiate your desires for a while. Alternatively you can carry on with the daily trawl through new profiles, respond to the endless emails that ‘Suzie has just viewed your profile’, just in case she is a 10/10, lives in your area, likes older guys and has the sexual appetite of an 18 year old. Good luck there.

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