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How to Do First Night Sex after Marriage with Blissful Sex Positions

If there is one thing that couples look forward to about their wedding day, it is their wedding night. Wedding night is very special and the sex should also be the same. Even if you have had sex before your wedding, sex after marriage is a whole new experience altogether. In fact, a lot of people see it as being more special, more serious and more fun.

Therefore, it doesn’t come as a surprise to know that a lot of people wonder how to do first night sex or what happens on the first night. The goal for sex on the wedding night should be to create beautiful memories that you can cherish for the rest of your life.

If you are a virgin and have never had sex before in your life, it is a given that you will worry about how to do sex after marriage. Obviously, you don’t just want to have a good experience yourself, but also want to ensure that your partner enjoys as much as you do. Everyone has different wedding night ideas and you don’t want to disappoint each other. So, what should you do? There are certain wedding night tips for both bride and groom that can come in handy. Let’s take a look:

Wedding Night Preparation for Bride

First Night Tips for Bride

It is a given that every woman feels apprehensive about their wedding night and how to do first night sex. Even if you are a pro in the sack, there are some wedding night essentials that will ensure that you have an amazing night with your husband. Some of these things are:

The perfect lingerie:

sexy lingerie for wedding night

Why should you worry about what to wear on the first night? After all, no matter what you wear, it has to be removed so some people consider it pointless. However, in order to make an excellent impression and to add something a tad extra to your wedding night celebrations, choosing the perfect wedding night lingerie is a thoughtful move. Your new spouse is undoubtedly going to love the extra effort you make and it will help in making some very special memories. The best part is that lingerie can be sexy and doesn’t have to be expensive at all.

An enticing perfume:

Select a sexy and memorable scent to wear on your wedding day, as well as your wedding night. Scents can be a very powerful trigger for memories so opting for something special to wear on your wedding night will ingrain those moments in your mind for life. Once your wedding night is over, you can apply this perfume on date nights, special occasions and anniversaries to bring back those romantic memories.

Fun toys to add some spice:

Whether you are a sensual goddess or a sexual newbie, having the right toys and tools can up the ante. If you want to have a delicious wedding night experience, toys are the key to spice things up. There are a variety of toys that you can find to make things interesting.

Set the mood with candles:

Wedding Night Decoration with Candles

One of the best ways for creating a romantic ambience and setting the mood for love is by lighting candles. If you want an incredibly romantic wedding night, you can get some candles for decorating your room. Candlelight’s soft glow creates an air of romance and makes everything seem magical.

Potions and lotions:

An important question that most women end up asking themselves is how to prepare your body for wedding night. Take care of your personal hygiene and make sure you are properly waxed, have showed and smell good. If you want to make your evening extra sensual and friction-free, it is a good idea to grab a bottle of personal lubricant for making things go smoothly. It can be extremely handy if you are feeling a little on-edge or nervous. Look for a lubricant that also works as massage oil and you and your partner can work out some of your stress and tension.

Wedding Night Preparation for the Groom

Wedding night tips for Groom

Just like the bride, the wedding night is special for the groom as well and there is no doubt that they have tons of wedding night ideas. But, like the bride, there are some rules that need to be followed when it comes to wedding night preparation for the groom. So, what should a groom do to make sure their wedding night is as special as they have always dreamt of? Here are some tips that you need to remember:

Think about celibacy:

Every man wants to have hot wedding night sex. Sure, it seems unthinkable, but you should think about celibacy. Go without sex for a week, two weeks or even a month, if you can, and it will help restore some magic. After all, abstinence can make the loins grow stronger.

Get some bubbly for the room:

A little bubbly can go a long way in setting the celebratory mood for the evening. After you tie and the knot and celebrate the event with your family, the celebration is not done yet because you have a wedding night to look forward to. Make sure there is some bubbly in your room for sharing a private toast together. It is a wonderful way to calm the nerves and adrenaline of the day and also marks the momentous occasion of you consummating your marriage.

Upgrade down there:

Don’t worry; this doesn’t mean that you talk male enhancement pills, but think about paying attention to your personal hygiene. Make sure you are all cleaned up and also think about splurging on new boxer briefs or boxers. Yes, a guy can also buy a sexy piece of underwear. It is quite unexpected and it is going to make your bride laugh and relieve some of the tension. Invest in some designer underwear and they will end up becoming your lucky boxers.

Romantic music:

Think about creating the perfect playlist that you can use for setting the mood for the perfect wedding night. Remember that music is also a powerful memory trigger so you should select the perfect songs for making love and this will also ingrain these memories in your mind for the rest of your life. If you want to add an extra special touch, you can use a record player for playing your favorite love songs for a romantic vibe.

Now that both of you have made your preparations, it is time to focus on the actual part. How to do first night sex? Sex after marriage is not the same as sex before marriage and even if you are not a virgin, it is a given that you have thought about what happens in first nights. You don’t want to spoil things and how to ensure that doesn’t happen? Highlighted below are some tips that can help:

Take your time:

A wedding night doesn’t mean that you jump into bed right away. It is a good idea to take a couple of minutes to talk about the day, the magic of it, the moments you loved the most and how you felt. As the wedding seems to fly by, it will be worth it to take a few minutes to remember everything that happened. Plus, you will also need a few minutes to set the scene and you want your partner to be comfortable as well.

Lower your expectations:

What you see in movies and TV shows takes hours to put together. Similarly, what you read about in books is also imaginary and nowhere close to real life. Therefore, if you have any expectations like that, you need to lower your expectations and just enjoy whatever happens.

Talk to each other:

Before you just get into sex, relax for a little while and talk about the love that you have for each other. Let things get sappy and romantic and tell each other how beautiful you looked. You can also talk dirty, if that turns you on because the sex that follows will be amazing and intimate.

Build confidence:

You should already be quite confident because you know that your spouse is crazy about you and considers you gorgeous. However, confidence can make you appear sexy and it can enhance your personality, inside and out.

Toy with each other:

Do you feel more daring? It is time to break out some toys or you can also try something adventurous, if you want. You can try some role play if you both are comfortable with each other. Focus on the foreplay to build some passion and excitement and you both will look forward to the sex.

Communicate during sex:

The most important aspect of becoming a great lover is to learn how to communicate in bed. Both partners need to tell each other what feels good and what doesn’t. Don’t be afraid to ask questions because knowing likes and dislikes can help both in having a pleasurable experience.

One of the best ways to make your wedding night one to remember is to explore some unique wedding night ideas and this includes checking out first night sex positions. Everyone should know that if they don’t make an effort, their sex life can become boring. It doesn’t matter if you both have had sex before, whether with each other or with someone else; there are some amazing first night sex positions that you can try and have the time of your life with each other.

If you are thinking about what positions would be best for first night sex after marriage, some of these might be a great choice:

5 Blissful Sex Positions for Wedding Night for Virgins (Reduce Pain)

Spoon Position:

spoon sex position

It can be really romantic to sleep in each other’s arms cozily. In such as intimate situation and mood, couples feel their sex drives reach new heights. You can explore this touch effect and try out this new position. The spoon position is one where the bride lies with her back towards her man. It is a side sex position and can be a bit tricky for the groom to enter, but with a little adjustment, it can be done and can actually be very pleasurable.

Modified Missionary Position:

Modified Missionary Sex Position

The missionary position is a popular one, but you can try some fun variations of this classic sex staple. The bride can lie on her back underneath the man and can pull her legs up and over her spouse’s shoulder. She can lock her ankles behind his neck for stability. Through this variation, the groom will thrust into her at a unique angle and can lead to deeper thrusts, which feels good to both partners.

Women on Top:

Women on Top: Good for Wedding Night Sex

This is a favorite amongst women because it gives their clitoris direct stimulation. If this position doesn’t seem intimate enough, married couples can make some changes to it. The groom can pop up on pillows and make it easier to kiss and touch each other while they have sex. The husband can stroke his wife’s butt and back to drive her wild in this position.

The Dragon:

This position requires the bride to lie on her stomach and spread her legs. Keep a pillow under her tummy and like on her. Stretch your body as you lie on top of her and enter her. This position can guarantee you a steamy night because it requires rhythmic and slow, circular motions instead of the usual faster movements.

Fine Dine 69:

69 Sex Position for Wedding Night

If you have ever wondered how to do sex after marriage, you should know that the key to enjoyable first time sex is lubrication. The 69 position does exactly that. Both partners can use oral sex for stimulating each other. Then, the husband can change the angle and enter the wife as she lifts her leg into the air. This will definitely become a night that both of you will remember.  Read a complete on How to Eat Pussy.

Most importantly, both of you should make your wedding night your own. Don’t let the pressure get to you to have a storybook perfect night. As long as you take the time to make some beautiful memories, it will be memorable for you.

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