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Lip Lock: Meaning, Types, Benefits and How to Kiss a Girl on Lips [Bonus: Lip Lock Vs Smooch]


Like all arts, kissing is a very personal expression of feeling. When you kiss someone, you are expressing your love for that person. A kiss on lips is referred to as a lip lock, which is a very basic and sensual form of kissing. If you are wondering what is lip lock, you should know that it involves ‘locking’ or sealing your partner’s lips between your own.

The best way for you to perfect your lip lock is to lean in, close your eyes until your lips meet and then shift your position gradually so that your bottom and top lip seal around the lower lips of your partner for a comfortable period of time. Once you learn how to kiss on lips properly, you can move onto other forms of kissing.

What is Lip Lock and Types of Lip Lock?

Even though a lip kiss sounds very basic, but it is actually an intimate and playful move to leave your partner craving for more. Depending on the type of lip lock, it can send different messages and mean different things. The lip lock kiss meaning can only be understood when you know what type of kiss it is. The different types of lip lock that can be done to spice things up and to send a certain message are:

French kiss

French Kiss

One of the most common types of kiss amongst couples, French kiss can depend on a couple’s chemistry. It involves an open mouth and tongues in action and can be very sensual.

One of the most common types of kiss amongst couples, French kiss can depend on a couple’s chemistry. It involves an open mouth and tongues in action and can be very sensual.

Single-Lip kiss

Single Lip kiss

This is one of the most sought-after lip kiss because it gives a wonderful sensation. This is when the mouth of one party closes over the bottom or top lip of the other. While you can use it on both lips, the bottom is quite fun.

Spiderman kiss

This kiss type became famous due to the Spiderman movie when Mary Jane gives Peter Parker a kiss after he saves her. You may not be able to hang upside down from the building, but the guy can lie down on the sofa and the girl can kiss from the other side.

Wet kiss

An open-mouthed kiss that can be with or without tongue is called a wet kiss. Slight wetness during a kiss is definitely sexy, but don’t use too much saliva. You can alternate between closed-mouth kisses, wet kisses and single-lip kisses.

Lizard kiss

Have you ever seen a lizard try to catch flies? This kiss is something similar as it involves flicking your tongue in and out of your partner’s mouth in quick, tight strokes. It is something silly and fun and can give a playful touch.

Biting kiss

Biting kiss

This is an aggressive form of kiss on the lips and involves tongues and is open-mouthed. As you pull back, you can grab your partner’s tongue with your teeth. Try it with your partner and see how they respond.

Lean in kiss

Lean in kiss

This might not seem as intimate, but it is a simple way to kiss your partner to show your love. It is similar to a peck and only your lips will be in proximity.

How to Kiss a Girl on Lips; Step by Step Guide for Beginners

How to Lip kiss a Girl

Now that you know the effects of kissing on lips and the benefits it can offer, you need to learn how to lip lock. Everyone wants to know how to kiss perfectly, but it is easier said than done. When you are kissing a girl, you have to be in control and mindful of your partner because a good kiss can lead to better and hotter things as it progresses like getting married and you need a pro guide on what to do on wedding night and how to eat pussy like an expert for better and hot relationships forever. So, how to go about kissing a girl like a champion? Here are the steps you need to follow:

Step 1: Lean into her and close your eyes

Lip locking is very intimate so you have to be close to each other. Close your eyes when you are close enough to feel her breath. Before you close your eyes, make sure your mouth is positioned right above her mouth. Lean your body forward so you are both brushing up against one another, regardless of whether you are sitting, standing or lying down.

Step 2: Grab the bottom lip between your own

Bring your lips together and close the distance between you and your partner. Move your mouth until you feel them lock around your girl’s lower lip. When you first touch lips, it is not necessary for your aim to be perfect. Shifting your lips slowly to the right position can be just as sensual as landing them in the right place from the get go. Make sure you are only using your lips when you kiss her. Don’t open your mouth, use your tongue or your teeth. You can do this stuff later when you are trying a different kind of kissing, but they are not really part of your lip lock.

Step 3: Hold the kiss

Keep your lips locked onto hers for about 5 to 10 seconds. The exact time is not important, but it is meant to be a sensual and slow kiss so there is no need to rush through it. Take your time and hold onto the kiss as long as is demanded by the mood. This means it can be as little as three to four seconds or as long as 20 seconds.

Step 4: Break away slowly

When it’s time to stop, do it hesitantly and slowly instead of backing off quickly. Don’t make her feel as if you are in a rush to get away. Open your eyes slowly and look into your partner’s eyes to see if she wants to continue.

Step 5: Repeat as you want

Lock your lips as many times as you want. You will learn how to kiss on lips and can also try some of the different kinds of kisses.

Why Lip Kiss is Important for a Woman?

There’s is nothing like a perfect lip lock with someone you really like or are into. However, other than simply making you feel good, kissing can also be an important part of romantic relationships. Women are known to think more deeply about the kiss on lips meaning as compared to men. This is due to the fact that they often use a kiss as the deciding factor before they make another date with someone. Kissing helps in figuring out the level of attraction between two people because women know that it will be pleasurable if they are compatible with their partner.

If there is still the question of why lip kiss is important to women, then you should know that women are more emotional creatures. So, kissing on the lips can be very important for them as it can help them in creating a strong bond with their partner. It also helps in spurring arousal and it is an excellent way to communicate your feelings without having to use words.

Meaning of Lip Kiss on the First Date

Young attractive couple very close to kissing each other while on their date at a cafe

You went on a first date and it ended with a kiss on the lips. Are you thinking about first date kiss on the lips mean? The importance of first lip kiss cannot be understated because you can actually learn a lot about your date as well as their intentions from that very first smooch. The power of the first kiss is that it is great in testing the waters to see if there is any potential for romance and it is also a great way to gauge the interest of your partner to see how they react.

Nonetheless, it is also essential to see what kind of kiss it was. A smooch kiss meaning is different from that of a light kiss. One may express serious interest while the other may just be a first date formality.

Meaning of Goodbye Kiss on Lips

Are you wondering why did he kiss me on the lips? It is not a wrong question and it is perfectly reasonable to wonder about the guy’s intentions when he has kissed you on the lips to say goodbye. He kissed me goodbye on the lips so was he trying to say something? Indeed, if your guy gives you a lengthy and deep kiss when you both part, it is definitely a positive sign because it shows that he is into you. Otherwise, most goodbye kisses are on the cheek, but you should also know that a slight peck on the lips when saying goodbye is just a friendly gesture and doesn’t mean the same thing as a passionate kiss.

How Lip Kiss Can Beneficial to You?

Kissing on the lips is not just a sign of affection or a way to express how you feel. There are a ton of lip lock benefits that you are probably not aware of. Some of these are:

  • It boosts happiness and provides stress relief. Kissing relaxes and stimulates the brain to release a cocktail of chemicals to make you feel good. Therefore, it can also give stress relief.
  • It helps to bond. Since kissing changes the level of the stress hormone, cortisol and releases oxytocin, it can result in feelings of attachment and affection. It improves relationship satisfaction and can be crucial for long-term relationships.
  • It can also burn calories. One surprising effect of kissing on lipsis that you can burn anywhere between 2 and 26 calories every minute as you use your facial muscles.
  • It promotes good health. During a passionate and heated kiss, adrenaline is released in the body and this can relieve any pain such as headache.

Difference between Lip Kiss and Smooch

Have you ever thought about smooch kiss meaning and other kinds of lip kisses? First, it should be noted that both kiss and smooch are expressions of warmth, love and friendliness. These expressions are communicated with other people via lip actions and movements. A kiss refers to a quick touching of the lip to another person’s body, which can be on the forehead, cheek or lips. A forehead kiss is a sign of adoration, a kiss on the cheek shows friendliness whereas a kiss on the lips is a display of love amongst two people in a relationship. Kisses can be between parents and their kids, family members and also between lovers. They are usually meant to be quick and there is no delay in touching your lips to another person.

Smooch, on the other hand, is referred to as the touching of lips to another’s. In most cases, it is open-mouthed and is used for expressing sexual thoughts. Since it has sexual connotations, it should be between people who love each other and are trying to convey their sexual desire. A smooch has more desire and passion involved than a kiss and it can be wild and rough or gentle.

Why a Single-Lip Kiss is enough to turn her on?

A kiss on lips can be a very powerful thing if it is done right. For women, kissing is more of an intimate connection than it is for men. Touching lips is an extremely important step for them before they have sex. If they are unable to build that intimacy and physical connection with someone, it can be difficult for them to build a romantic relationship. If you do it right, even a single lip kiss can turn her on because you can spur arousal.

As long as you take your time, make it special and romantic and excite her, you will be able to turn her on with a kiss. As mentioned above, women often use to kiss someone to determine their chemistry and if the lip lock is passionate enough, they will be willing to take things forward. A woman’s body has a number of sensitive zones such as their earlobe or neck and toying with them while lip kissing can turn her on.

Plus, if you look and feel fresh and sexy while kissing her, a woman will be turned on and will enjoy the lip kiss a lot.

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