How to Start Dating Men – Tips For Women


Dating can be really intimidating, especially for those questions like what to wear? Where to meet? What to say? And etc. There are things that you need to consider and prepare in order to make a successful date. Well, it’s not actually that hard when you have the confidence, you just need to learn the basics, the things that you should and shouldn’t do. For starters, it’s normal to be shy and lack of confidence but you have to let that go and build your self-esteem. It is one of the important keys in dating, you need to learn how to communicate and show your personality to people.

  1. First Impression Lasts – always remember that the first impression lasts, so make sure you prepare the things that you wear and match it to the place you are going to meet. Your favourite shirt or dress may be lucky but it’s not the luck that counts but its how you present yourself to your date.
  2. Comfortable Place To Meet – set up or agree to a place where you are comfortable enough to stay for hours of talking. You are going to need it, so you won’t have to feel timid.
  3. Self-Esteem – the key is to be confident, show him what you really are because men love a woman who is showing their real personality. Trust me, they like a real woman and sees more than just your make-up and dress. They appreciate a woman who is more of themselves.
  4. Communicating – find a way to make a good conversation, share stories that you will enjoy together, learn things from him and let him speak too. It’s not good if you always do the talking, give him time to speak and share thoughts. Another thing that you should remember is to avoid talking about former relationships, just a simple “It just didn’t work for us” would be fine. Keep it simple, true and share something that both of you can relate.
  5. Turn Off Your Smartphone – it is important to avoid using phones in dating if you don’t want to disappoint your date. Make your date focus on both of you.
  6. Who’s Going to Pay the Bill? – don’t think that men should always pay the bill but instead offer to pay the bill and he will be impressed. Show them equality.
  7. Follow Up Message After The Date – this is always been confusing to many. What to say after the date? How to make him ask you for the second date? Want to know the secret? Well, it’s pretty simple. All you have to do is waiting and make him miss you. Give him time; because men are hunters so let them be.

If he doesn’t send you messages, and then find another one, the more you date the bigger the chances of finding the right one for you. It’s normal if your date doesn’t reach out to you. If it’s hard for you, just start with escort ladies. Frankfurt escort ladies deliver exceptional girlfriend experience and it will be an easier start for you. There are just things that simply just don’t match and you got to be happy with that because you can avoid wasting time and effort on someone who doesn’t share the same interest with you.

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