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What To Look For In An Addiction Rehab?

Addiction Rehab

If you or your loved one is addicted and you are looking for addiction rehab,  then you need to do so very carefully. This is because the kind of treatment the patient gets will decide the success of the outcome. Thus, it is a matter of great responsibility to pick an addiction rehab for alcohol or drug addiction treatment. However, picking the right rehab is easier said than done.

After all, when one starts looking, one comes across so many, and it indeed can be a complicated process to pick the right one for your loved one. So, how do you look for an addiction rehab?

Well here are some pointers to get you by.

Ask the right questions

First of all, you need to ask the right questions so that you are able to judge and ensure that you get a

treatment centre which is tailored to your needs. You can compare the treatment centres and evaluate your options based on the answers you get. First of all, inquire about the licenses and certifications as well as the experience of the treatment centre. Enquire how long is the wait and whether the family and friends are able to visit during the residential program. Ask about the treatment program, the medical services available, the counselling programs as well as the experience of the staff members.

The patient-to-counsellor ratio

The patient-to-counsellor ratio gives an idea about the kind of care one can expect in the rehab. It is evident that one gets more personalized care and attention where the patient-to-counsellor ratio is lower, as each patient needs to get the right attention to address their addiction effectively. A low patient-to-counsellor ratio allows the staff to give maximum personal attention and highly-specialized care from the professionals.

Gender-specific is effective

Research shows that men and women respond to drug addiction treatments differently. Thus, it would be best to get treatment from Gender-specific programs. Thus, there is a better opportunity when the treatment is separated by gender. Sometimes, men and women benefit from addiction treatment together, but at times, when patients get gender-specific treatment, they respond better. This is because men learn about addiction and recovery from other men and women can learn from the experience of other women.

A comprehensive care

It is good to go for a multi-dimensional treatment process and ensure that medical detoxification is part of inpatient treatment. The detox process starts a comprehensive and medically supervised detoxification. When patients undergo a comprehensive medical evaluation and get an individualized addiction treatment program, they show the best possible results. So ask about detox and ensure that the patient gets an individualized treatment program based on his or her history and needs.

Addiction rehab is a gateway to a new way of living for the addicted. Keep in mind that the treatment centre you pick will decide the kind of treatment and the success of it. The right treatment will help you lay the solid foundation for a lifelong and surer recovery with no fears of relapses.

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