Fashion trends keep on changing with seasons. Some fashion ideas tend to repeat themselves after a certain period of time while some new fashion ideas make an appearance every year. With 2018 going on, fashion experts have been predicting the trends for autumn and fall.

With the change in times, a major reform has been witnessed in the fashion world also. It is no longer about body-hugging tops or skinny short dresses. Even plus size women have been stealing the show of late, flaunting their curves in full swing. They have embraced the belly like nothing else and a huge change has come in their approach towards the choice of outfits.

Here we bring you top 7 clothing styles and fashion ideas that women want to see more of in 2018 with a little more focus on our chubby curvy beauties out there. Read ahead-


Thigh highs were in great trend in the 90s and are all set to make a grand come back. If you are a bit curvy, you can have a great time pairing thigh high socks with knee-length dresses and ankle boots. Not only will it give an illusion of you being tall but also make you look classy and appealing. With fall approaching, thigh highs are a great piece to invest into. Moreover, if you have some extra fat around the lower part of legs, these thigh high socks will easily cover it for you and you no longer need to think twice before wearing dresses.


Outerwear covers the most part of your body and even the dress too. So investing in a nice long cardigan or jacket can be a good idea. Pairing it with denim or even coloured trousers can uplift the look instantly. If you want to try something even different you can go for a suit and tuxedo and rock a formal look.


Crop tops are known for enhancing the appeal of any outfit manifold. Wearing crop tops with high waisted bottoms is the best fashion idea for you if you are plus size. Your belly is nothing to be ashamed of. Embrace it and show it off to the world with a little art. The high waisted bottom will cover most of your belly and make it easier for you to overcome the shyness of going bare-bellied. Whether you are going for grocery shopping or a Corralejo Tequila party with your office friends you can completely rock the look with a crop top.


Corset dresses have been in great trend given the versatility they bring along. Whether you wear it as a dress or a top you will look equally amazing! The shape that it provides to the torso helps you a lot if you are tired of hiding your belly. Wearing a corset under the dress or a shirt will define your curves even more and hide those extra lumps you are embarrassed about. Red corset teamed with black thigh high boots or socks can give you that Cinderella looks you have been craving for since long.


Women these days prefer trousers to jeans for the ease and comfort that they offer. Unlike skin tight jeans, trousers give some room for breathing and can be carried easily even if you are a bit curvy. Teaming them up with tank tops or loose shirts can be some possible options.


Elastic materials are often suggested to plus size women as popular clothing materials. However, contrary to this popular belief, natural fabrics like cotton, linen, silk, ramie, leather, faux leather, denim, chiffon, jersey, wool and even cashmere are excellent dress materials for plus size women. All of these not only make excellent tops and upper wear but also with a little more creativity like colour matching patterns or mild patterns in different colour combinations can bring the best out of you.


Belts and accessories are a women’s friends and if you are a bit curvy they are your best friends. Wearing a wide belt with a loose top or a dress can make you stand out from the crowd. Available in a lot of styles, you can pair a different belt with each outfit and generate a totally new piece. Coming to accessories, wearing a classy and branded watch is an evergreen option. In addition to that, you can carry a bag preferably a black or brown tote.

When it comes to fashion, it narrows down to your taste and the occasion you are going to wear it to. Another style trending these days is that of customized T-shirts, wear your own idea on your favourite colour and carry those voluptuous curves in style. From princess style to a badass babe you can pull it off effectively and stand apart in a crowd.

With a little bit of creativity, you can steal the show like a diva doesn’t matter if you are a skinny chic or a chubby curvy beauty. Go with what stimulates your mind the most! Good luck.


Jessica Smith is an avid reader who enjoys getting lost in the world of books. Holding on to her passion for fitness, she is also caught by the fashion bug. She has been writing for a true corset for some time now. A traveller by heart, she enjoys meeting new people and experiencing new cultures.

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