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8 Negative effects of drugs on your physical fitness


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No matter how “well” or “high” you feel after abusing drugs, your physical health or fitness is always at risk. Drug abuse causes both short and long-term effects to the user. These effects normally depend on several factors including the initial health conditions, the sex of the user, the type of drugs, the dose is taken, the frequency of use and the method of ingestion.

These effects become stronger when the user get addicted to the drug and could at the worst extreme cause of death. Below are some of the effects that a drug user is likely to suffer from.

1. Body injuries

Body injuries mainly result from the accidents that occur as a result of drug abuse. This could include cuts from machines, car accidents, bike accidents, falls, and cuts from glasses or even infectious sores due to body injections.

The injuries may cause incapacitation, low output per unit time, lack of commitment, increased insurance and medical cost as well as body affliction. The injuries leave marks on the body and this may reduce the confidence of the person bearing them.

2. Irrationality

Drug abuse is the leading cause of poor or impaired judgment in most cases. Road accidents, work accidents from the machine operation or even firing and hiring of employees without the proper information are the common cases where misjudgment is the cause.

Irrationality results from the drugs currently in the body system or comes as a long-term effect as a result of drug addiction. Misjudgment leads to loss of opportunities in the job setting as well as wrong decisions at critical stages. These decisions normally have negative impacts on the setting or organization.

3. Vulnerability to sexual assaults

Drug abuse normally makes the user be vulnerable to sexual abuse. This is a common phenomenon for most ladies who get involved in this vice and finally get raped, abused, touched inappropriately or engage in non-consensual sex.

This, of course, makes them also vulnerable to contracting sexually transmitted diseases like syphilis, unwanted and unplanned pregnancies, stress and depressions. Most of the reported cases of sexual assaults involve drug use whether willingly of forcefully!

4. Reduced stamina

Most drug users have issues with their stamina in most activities like in bed, sports, chores or other workouts. These people tend to wear out very fast and the performance worsens when they get addicted to the drugs under use.

Simple exercises including short walks or taking the stairs normally result in heavy panting and sweating as if the person has been doing that for the entire day. Most alcoholics are casualties of poor performance, especially at the bed. In extreme cases, impotency kicks in!

5. Damage to body organs

The brain, lungs, throat, liver, heart, kidneys and the skin are the most affected body organs affected due to drug abuse. Chronic alcohol use leads to liver cirrhosis which damages the liver. Heart failure results as a result of heart attacks due to abuse of narcotics.

The skin gets damaged as a result of numerous injections as well as injuries due to falling and cuts. Damaged body organs are difficult to replace and are very expensive. As such, make sure to kindly take care of your organs by avoiding drugs.

6. Loss of balance

This mainly results from alcohol use where the user staggers and in most cases falls or is hit by a moving vehicle. Loss of balance also makes a person prone to theft and attacks since he or she can barely protect her/himself. It is the loss of balance that leads to most accidents resulting from unwanted scratch marks on the body of the drug user.

Since people under the influence of drugs tend to be arrogant, loss of balance makes it hard for them to protect themselves and end up beaten in most cases.

7. Harm to infants

It may be seen as common sense to abstain from drugs when expecting a baby. This is however very difficult for ladies who have already been addicted to drugs especially heroin, cocaine or marijuana. If the urge to use the drugs surpasses the will to protect the infant, then the unborn child is in danger of deformity, underdevelopment, mental illness or even stillbirth!

If an expectant lady gets addicted to a drug, it is necessary for her to seek medical attention so that she can be taken care of and to protect the unborn baby.

8. Addiction, depression, death/suicide, mental illness

Continued use of drugs leads to addiction. Addiction means that the user relies on the drug to function. This may lead to depression as the person may lack means to purchase the drug especially if the person is poor or just lost a job.

Mental illness may result from depression as well as distortion of the brain by the drugs and this at the extreme end may lead to the death of the person or cause the person to commit suicide.

If you have never tried abusing drugs, kindly don’t start. If you take drugs occasionally, slow it down and quit. If you are becoming a regular, kindly seek medical help. The doctor may ask you for several types of tests like urine or saliva drug tests to be sure about the types of drugs you are addicted to. Drug abuse has detrimental effects not only on the mental health but also on the physical health. It is never too late!

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