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Women spend a lot of time accentuating their eyes, making their lips look fuller, and contouring their faces. However eyebrows remain one of the most defining features of the face. Imagine a person who has eyebrows without them. Even the slightest shape in your eyebrows can make you look like a completely different person. At the same time, shaping them properly can make you look stunningly beautiful. However, eyebrows are as diverse and different in people as fingerprints. There are many different types of eyebrow shapes and each suits a different type of face.

An eyebrow shape that looks good on a round face might not look good on a square face. That’s why women have to spend some time on eyebrow shaping. This guide will tell you everything about eyebrows, from the different shapes that suit different face types to the numerous ways you can style them.

Different Types of Eyebrows

Arched Eyebrows

As the name suggests, these eyebrows have an arch. Now, there are multiple different types within this category. For example, you have the soft and the hard arches. In addition to that, the location of the arch also matters. In some eyebrows, the arch is very close to the tail of the eyebrow. On the other hand, some people have the arch quite in the middle of the eyebrow. Also, soft arch is barely noticeable but a hard arch can be seen from a difference.

Flat or Straight Eyebrows

When you look closely at these eyebrows, they are not truly flat or straight. There is some angle and arch in them but both these characteristics are hardly noticeable. When you see these eyebrows from a distance, they seem straight. You can say that styling these eyebrows is the easiest and maybe some women go with this style because they don’t want to spend too much time on eyebrow shaping.

Rounded Eyebrows

This is one of the common eyebrow shapes. These eyebrows do not have any sharp angles. They are curved and that’s why you can’t say they are arched. From start to the finish i.e. head to the tail of the eyebrow, they are rounded. Arched eyebrows with very soft arches can seem flat or rounded from a distance too. However, upon a closer look, there is definitely a difference.

S-shaped Eyebrows

Again, it is not that you will notice a vivid S shape in these eyebrows, but it will be clear upon closer inspection. The head of these eyebrows often starts at a low point. The eyebrow then rises to a certain point and then curves back down. For that reason, you call it an s-shaped eyebrow.

Within these shapes, there can be other anomalies as well. For example, some women might have long tails while others have very short eyebrows. Some eyebrows taper quite a bit towards the tail whereas others don’t taper that much. However, these differences do fall within the categories stated above.

Thick Eyebrows and Thin Eyebrows

Another thing that matters in eyebrow styles is the thickness or thinness of the eyebrows. Some people have thick eyebrows and some have naturally thin eyebrows. Both the types have their pros and cons. Thick eyebrows are not only thick in terms of their width but also the amount of hair in them. Whatever color they are, they look dark and make their present felt on the face. Thin ones have fewer hair and that’s why women with thin eyebrows are often looking for ways to make them look fuller. The main difference between the two eyebrow styles is prominent close to the head.

Eyebrow Shapes That Will Suit Your Face

Since different people have different faces, they have to figure out the type of eyebrows that will suit them. There are mainly five face shapes out there. Let’s take a look at each one by one and the eyebrow shapes that suit them.

Round Face

As stated earlier, this is one of the most common face types in the world. The best eyebrow shapes for round face are those with angles. The thing you want to avoid the most is making your face look rounder with soft arch or completely round eyebrows. Keep in mind that a round face means that your chin is rounded. Eyebrows are the top of your face. When the top and bottom of your face is rounded, your face will look like a ball. To avoid that, go for hard arched eyebrows. In fact, you can go with a high arch as well to make the effect even more prominent. Even s-shaped eyebrows will look good on a round face.

Oval Face

Oval face is quite close to a round face but there is some elongation in it. In most parts of the world, this is the best shape of the face. What you want to avoid on an oval face is high arch because it will make the face appear longer. Don’t go for complete round too. The best shape would be something in between i.e. a soft arch.

Square Face

This face type is not that common in women. You have to be very careful with how you deal with your eyebrows when you have a square face. Sharp angles can make your face look more squared and you don’t want that. It might seem that rounded eyebrows are perfect for square face but that’s not the case. You want to go with some angles. However, the idea is to keep the angles very light and avoid the sharp. Soft angled eyebrows in the middle or toward the tail are perfect. Even the s-shape is fine. The eyebrow shape you want to stay away from is flat or straight.

Heart-shaped Face

This type of face has a pointy chin but the top of the head is broad and rounded. The part close to the jaw might appear square to some extent too. The best eyebrows for this face type are rounded ones. You want to avoid sharp angles and high arches. Arch is fine but it has to be a low arch to complement the shape of the face. Soften the curves of the eyebrows and sharpen the arch a little if you think your face is very small.

Diamond-shaped Face

A diamond-shaped face can seem a bit close to the heart shape but it has more squared angles than the heart shape. Such a face is also a bit broader along the jaws compared to a heart-shaped face. Since the face can appear square, you want your brows to soften that effect with roundedness. Go with rounded eyebrows and keep the curves prominent. Avoid straight and flat eyebrow shape at any cost.

Different Ways to Style Your Eyebrows

Now that you know the many different face types and the eyebrow shapes that suit them, you also have to learn how you can style your eyebrows to look the way you want. Here are the most commonly used methods.


Of course, threading is a way to get rid of the excess strands of hair in your eyebrows that make them look out of shape. However, you want to make sure to follow the proper steps of threading to not ruin your look. Here are the steps to shape your eyebrows using threading.

Step 1

Get a cotton thread, an eyebrow brush, an eyebrow comb, and eyebrow scissors in one place. Put them on the dressing table, get the room well-lit, and start the process.

Step 2

Use the eyebrow comb to lift your eyebrow hairs up, and cut the excess using the eyebrow scissors. Lift the hairs upwards and downwards once.

Step 3

Before you start threading, make sure to arrange a washcloth and apply it where you are going to thread. This will open the pores in that region. Opened pores will ensure that your skin does not hurt much when you do the threading.

Step 4

Make a loop of the thread, twist four to five times, and start threading around the eyebrows. Be gentle and gradual with the process to avoid any accidents.

When you are done with threading, you might feel some burning in the area. There are many ways to reduce the burning sensation in the threaded area. One of the ways is to use some aloe vera and apply it gently to the burning region. In addition to that, you can take three or four ice cubes, wrap them inside a towel, and apply to the area for the cooling effect.


There is nothing more important than an eyebrow pencil when it comes to styling your eyebrows. Every women with eyebrows should know how to use eyebrow pencil to shape eyebrows. Eyebrow pencil not only helps you shape your eyebrows but also makes them look fuller by filling in the areas where there are fewer hairs. Here are the steps to use the eyebrow pencil to style your eyebrows perfectly.

Setting the Starting Point

The first thing you have to do is set the starting point of your eyebrows. Place the pencil vertically on one side of your nose going from your nose to one of the eyebrow. The side touching your nose should be the starting point of your eyebrow. Draw a straight line from that point to your eyebrow. Do it on both sides to find the starting point.

Finding the End Point

Now you have to know where your eyebrow will end. Keep the pencil in the same place, start rotating the top side of it to the point that it is now touching the outer corner of one of your eyes. If you draw a line from your nose to the outer corner of the eye and keep extending it, you will know the end point of your eyebrow.

Finding the Arch

Unless your eyebrows are completely round or straight, you need to find the arch as well. To that, you will have to look in a straight line. Rotate the pencil in the same position i.e. pivoting on the nose, and keep rotating until you have reached a point where the pencil is passing right in front of your iris. This is the arch of your eyebrow.

Tweeze and Thread the Excess Hairs

Use a tweezer or threading technique, as stated above, to get rid of the excess hairs around your eyebrows. Use a brush to get your hairs in the right orientation as well. Always brush from the head of the eyebrow to its tail.

Fill in the Color

Now, start using the pencil with gentle strokes. Strokes must always be from head of the eyebrow to the tail in an upward direction. You should go with several small strokes. Lift the pencil up with every stroke and put it down again with the next one.

Spread the Color

At this point, you need to use a tool that’s called a spoolie. You can also go with the eyebrow brush. You will use either of these tools to spread the color of the pencil inside the eyebrows. Again, the strokes should be small and light.

Dandruff in Eyebrows and How to Get Rid of It

One of the issues you can face in life is dandruff in your eyebrows. It can be quite a scary thought for some women, but when it is there, you have to get rid of it rather than worrying about it. One of the best solutions to eyebrow dandruff is almond oil. All you have to do is massage it gently in your eyebrows. Furthermore, you can use tea tree oil to get rid of the eyebrow dandruff. When it comes to tea tree oil, you want to put it on the stove to get it gently warm. A cotton ball is perfect to apply it on your eyebrows to get rid of the dandruff.

Moving Forward

By now, you understand how to give your eyebrows styles, how to shape them, and how to get rid of the dandruff in them. Make sure to use these guidelines to make your eyebrows a perfect feature of your face. It is astonishing how so many of the women get eyebrows wrong. In the end, you can always use your eyebrow pencil by placing it horizontally underneath your both eyebrows at the same time to know their height. Difference in eyebrow heights is one of the most common issues women suffer with. Last but not least, choose the right eyebrow pencil color. Darker tones are recommended for blondes and lighter tones for brunettes.

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