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10 Ways to Include Romance in Your Busy Schedule

10 Ways to Include Romance in Your Busy Schedule

A great theorist and poetess, Adrienne Rich once remarked: “Marriage is lonelier than solitude”. And not only marriage, every relationship loses its charm when you have a busy schedule where there is hardly any time for self-care and enjoyment, forget about romance.

Do you also see yourself drifting apart from your partner because of your hectic work schedule?

Here are ten ways to include romance in your busy schedule and make your relationship work:

1. Communication Is The Key

They weren’t foolish when they said: “communication is the key to an everlasting relationship”. The solution of most of your issues is talking it out.

You should disclose to your partner the reasons you’re busy even when they don’t ask for it. They should be aware what you’re dealing with mentally.

And don’t think they can read your mind. This is something you have to tell them. Be a good listener too. Ask them about their work and be aware of them however busy your schedule is.

2. Pay Attention And Compliment

If you truly love someone, there’s no doubt that you’d notice small details about them, be it a change in their haircut or attire they’re clad in for the first time.

But you just don’t have to notice; you’ve to tell them that you did by giving a compliment however trivial it may sound.

You never know how your single word can make both their day and your relationship better.

3. Texts And Calls

The best way to tell your partner that you care when you’re having a long day is by leaving text messages or giving calls when they least expect it.

You may do it when you have a minute break during your work schedule or when you miss them. The texts can be the ones expressing your concern asking about their day or pointless expressions of feelings telling them how you miss them or how good they looked in the morning.

4. Notes And Surprise Messages

Leave a message for your wife in the lunchbox telling her how tasty that pasta was. Wives can leave a romantic note in their husbands’ pockets.

Such romantic reminders can be left on their bed before they wake up or on the doorway if they arrive late from work.

These cute reminders hardly take time and make sure the continual of romance even in the lack of time.

5. Surprise Them!

Who doesn’t like being amazed by a romantic date out of the blue when being stuck in work leaves them no time to think about recreation? You can do this to them without waiting for a birthday or celebration.

Consider an instance – He told you about his promotion last night and when he comes back from office the next day, he’s greeted by scented candles and his favourite meal. It need not be an expensive gift or dinner in some posh restaurant.  The simplest way is to opt for wine and chocolate party that won’t even cost much and hence strengthen your relationship.

Making out some lovely moments for your partner out of your busy schedule is the best thing you can give them.

6. Help Them Out


You’ve no idea how much love can be cooked in the kitchen with your favorite kitchen gadgets when you help them with preparing the dinner or how you can make your way to their heart clear by helping them in cleaning the home on Sundays.

If they work till late at night, give them something to drink. Take a few moments to look into each other’s’ work and try to assist wherever you can.

7. Remembering Romance


Make them listen to a song that relates to your love-life and tell them it reminds you of them. Look into old albums together be it your wedding pictures or the initial days of your love life. Recall the beautiful memories and refresh your current love life.

Those invaluable moments would keep the romance alive.

8. Cuddles And Kisses

Your one warm hug equals a thousand words. It hardly takes a moment to give a goodbye-kiss or a hello-hug. You can do it however busy you are. Make it a habit of expressing your love in physical forms.

Holding hands in public or keeping a hand on each others’ shoulder on gatherings are the small things which make your relationship perfect and keep the love factor alive.

Your love for wine can make these cuddles all the more special if you find out a little time to share a glass of your favourite wine together.

9. Keep In Touch

It’s not possible to meet them every day when one or both of you are constantly busy at work. But however busy you are, try to take a few moments to communicate.

It will not only add to your romance but also make you feel good in spite of hectic work hours. You can talk on the call or text for an hour or only for minutes, but do it.

10. Be Understanding

Last but not the least trick of a successful relationship and romance is mutual understanding. Even if you don’t have enough time for each other, you both should understand each others’ effort for keeping the romance alive and value them.

Through these ten ways, you can assure that your busy schedule has one column of romance in it which would never fade.

Remember that this can’t be accomplished alone and you both have to put efforts to make it work. Keeping the romance alive is not a hard task until both of you are willing enough.

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