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6 Things That a Girl Looks for in a Smartphone

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Even though smartphones are not designed separately for genders except in rare cases, girls and boys have completely different expectations from their phones. It won’t be wrong to say that girls and boys have different perspectives on their phones. Girls are usually looking for a specific set of features that are different from what boys want on their phones. Let’s take a look at the features that are a must-have for girls in their smartphones.

Must-have Smartphone Features for Girls

A Beastly Front Camera

While boys also like to have a good smartphone camera, they can’t want it more than girls. Girls are all about beautiful selfies and portrait shots. You can go to a nearby restaurant and see groups of girls sitting together taking selfies and group photos before and after their food arrives. Not to mention, they like to have a bunch of camera apps on their smartphones with hundreds of filters, effects, and editing features.

A Big Battery

Of course, how can you take pictures worry-free when your phone’s battery is not big enough? To be able to do long photo sessions without worrying about the dying battery, girls want their phones to have large batteries. For boys, the main for having a big battery is gaming. The reasons to have a big battery for girls are completely different. Taking lots of selfies, sharing them with friends on social media, and gossiping on various instant messaging applications are tasks that can drain the battery pretty fast. A power bank is also welcomed in these situations.

Lots of Storage Space

To store all those amazing shots, you need to have a lot of storage space on your phone. However, that’s not about it. Girls like to download pictures from online websites as well. Don’t forget that Pinterest, a picture-based social network, has more girls on it. Whether it is tattoo designs, henna designs or new jewelry items, they love to browse photos and download them for their shopping. A large storage space is, therefore, a must-have for girls on their smartphones.

Ability to Accessorize

When boys buy their smartphones, they slap on a glass protector and a back protection case on their phone. For girls, it has to be more than just protection. A big reason why girls like to purchase famous phones from big brands is accessories for smartphones. They know that only the most well-known phones have the largest stock of accessories in the market. They like to buy glittery back cases, hanging teddy bears, sparkling stickers, and much more for their phones.

Beautiful Esthetics

Girls would often want their phones to look beautiful even without the accessories and trims. This is the reason the big brands of the world now release some colors that are mostly liked by girls. Rose gold, gold, pink, teal, etc. are some of the colors that are preferred more by girls than by boys. In addition to that, girls usually don’t want their phones to look too serious. Even if a girl is an executive, she would usually want her phone to be esthetically beautiful. There are, of course, exceptions to these rules but that’s what happens generally.

Bottom Line

The good thing is that you can now order anything you want for your phone online. If you are a girl looking to accessorize your phone, it is best that you look for the accessories online. The best thing about online websites is that they carry accessories for less famous phones as well. On the other hand, you usually find the accessories of only the most popular smartphones on the shops near your house.

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