Online Dating: The future of Relationships for Girls

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What is online dating?

Our DNA’s primary purpose is to reproduce and spread our genetics, and being in a romantic relationship becomes the primary impulse of our behavior. But finding a dating partner is not always easy, what if your office environment or policies doesn’t allow you to date a colleague or you just hate to visit bars and pubs to meet the probable partner or you are just an introvert who can’t approach the person for a date. The reasons for not being able to grab a date for yourself can be endless but online dating platforms like has changed the whole scenario for all the people who are seeking love in their life.

The upbringing of smartphones and digital technology has changed the approach to almost everything, now you can book a ticket to your favorite movie show while sitting at the couch and you can find a perfect life partner for yourself as well while sitting on the same couch. Online dating is one of the prominent byproducts of digitalization and excess use of the internet.

Online dating can be highly beneficial for some people and for some it is no less than a nightmare, the experience of online dating is never a same for everyone.

Does online dating work for girls?

If you stay cautious and follow the precautionary measures then online dating is safe and really works. Earlier people were required to spend a lot of time in search of a new partner, you were required to attend the more social gathering and spend time on things you don’t like just to get yourself a partner. But online dating has changed the whole scenario of finding a perfect partner. Let’s talk about some of the broad benefits of online dating.

  1. You can extend your search radius through online dating, earlier you had to choose your partner from the bunch of people that were around you but online dating has let you connect with the singles from all over the city.
  2. Every person you meet while online dating is looking for a partner, it happens countless time that you just approach someone to have a date with but it’s frustrating to know that he/she already has a partner.
  3. Find someone who appreciates the real you, online dating website gives you the power to filter the matches according to your preferences.
  4. Dating websites are particularly hit within the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) community; it gave them the opportunity to go with the sexual preference they want.

Online dating success statistics

No matter what are the dangers and drawbacks of online dating, there is no doubt that online dating has achieved success and millions users have already enrolled themselves on different dating platforms. Lets have a look at the success statistics of online dating:

  • 40% of the Americans use online dating.
  • More than 7500 dating websites exists worldwide and this is a great evidence of success of online dating.
  • 49 million people have enrolled for online dating for at least once in their life.
  • 59% people think that its great way to meet new and interesting peoples.
  • 20% of the committer relationships started with couple meeting online
  • 17% of the marriages happened due to online dating websites and apps.
  • People have started using online dating website to interact with new people and hookup is not the only concern.
  • 33% of the women had sex on the first date, so if you are someone looking to have sex then online platform can be great solution to your needs.
  • 6% of the dating profiles are of female, you can’t say that only males are enrolling themselves on the dating website.


Dangers of online dating statistics:

So we have talked about the benefits of online dating and how efficient it became to find your perfect partner in the real world, now let’s discuss the dangers of online dating websites.

  • 10% of the sex offenders use online dating websites as a tool to find their new victim.
  • One of every ten users on the online dating site is a scammer, which means you might find yourself in their money trap.
  • Every year thousands of rapes and abductions are happening due to online dating platforms, people meet someone to have a nice date and end up finding themselves in the trap.
  • Over 50% of the user profile is exaggerated; the person you have been talking to might not possess that education or wealth.
  • You should be cautious if you are not looking to date a person who is already in a committed relationship, over half of the people are already in a relationship with someone else.
  • Sexually transmitted diseases are at all-time high because of unprotected sex with a stranger.
  • There is danger in everything you do, there is a danger in cooking and driving as well. Your protection is in your own hand and staying cautious while dating a random person can save you from a lot of problems. Stay alert and stay safe.
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