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The Growing Popularity in Aqua/Soupy Massage And What Are They?


Aquatic/Soapy massage and bodywork is a massage routine performed with fully, partially clothed or naked recipients, immersed or floating in a pool of temperature-controlled warm water. Indigenous to Thailand, Aquatic/Soapy massage is self-explanatory, and occurs in the shower or bathtub.

Some people often mistook soapy and tantric massage as the same, and although they share many similarities, they also have many differences – starting with the types of oils administered during massages. Aquatic/soapy massage originated during the sixties when many people chose to spend vacations in the likes of Thailand. During the summer months, the South-Eastern country can reach temperatures of over 40 degrees. Many holidaymakers were keen to test out the then popular Thai massage, but with scorching temperatures, many were conscious of hygiene and were focused on taking a shower before their massage. This gave the Thais a brainwave to offer soapy massage as part of their services. The massage routine comprises a spectrum of bodywork forms characterized by continuous support by the practitioner and gentle movement. With the years that have accrued since inception, aquatic/soapy massage has spread from the Thai people to many countries around the globe and is now performed on men, women, and people of various sexual orientations – here’s a scoop as to why this has happened:

The perfect way to spend the weekend:

We all cannot wait for the weekend – it is time to unload all the pressure and relax after a long busy week. Aquatic/soapy massage is one of the best ways to spend the weekend as most of the masseuse show up for work around this time. It is also a great way to satisfy your sexual cravings – let a hot lady or man as the case implies, pamper you with their warm balancing touch, helping you unwind all unwanted tension from the get-go. You get bathed, cleansed, adored and totally relaxed at the end of the day. It is a win-win situation, so why miss out on it?

Health benefits:

Asides being the perfect weekend haven, aquatic/soapy massage is accompanied by a ton of health benefits like having an enhanced immune system response. Bodywork involved in aquatic/soapy massages stimulates recipients’ control over muscles and motion. It also relaxes tense muscles and dissipates pain. Increased depth involved, promotes improved efficiency of the respiratory system. The soothing ambience of the routine can also improve sleeping patterns, especially for people battling insomnia, anxiety, and generally lead to better emotional wellbeing. Watsu is a type of aquatic bodywork used as a form of aquatic therapy for deep relaxation and majorly appreciated for its many therapeutic intents.

Sensual awakening:

Aquatic/soapy massage is the perfect aphrodisiac and can aid the awakening of your sensuality and help you experience superior sensual pleasure. The tantric bathing ritual is about the intimacy of cleansing, the varied sensation of having your entire torso bathed and massaged in warm water while breathing in the exotic massage of the silky soap suds and scented candles adorning the bathroom. This tantalizing massage routine encourages an even deeper connection with yourself and can guarantee a happy ending.

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